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[Battlefield V]Battlefield 6 Takes Over Other Games In Series Ahead Of Reveal


  The reveal of Battlefield 6 is quickly approaching, and EA is adding fuel to the fire by teasing the upcoming title within past series releases.

  By Thomas McNulty

  Published Jun 07, 2021


  Battlefield 6 teased in previous series installments

  A viral marketing campaign for?Battlefield 6?sees previous games in the series being taken over by the upcoming title. The long-running first-person shooter franchise is published by Electronic Arts and developed by DICE.?Battlefield 6?is the first new installment in the franchise since 2018’s?Battlefield V.

  Electronic Arts began generating hype for?Battlefield 6?earlier this year, and the publisher recently announced that an actual reveal of the game will be held on June 9. After a?lukewarm response to?Battlefield V, which was set during World War II, the sixth major installment in the franchise is rumored to adopt a near-future setting similar to games like?Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This futuristic setting is backed up by a cryptic message recently sent from the?Battlefield?Twitter account to gaming personality JackFrags. The message seems to support rumors that the game will be set during a massive?war and in the midst of a global climate disaster.

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  Battlefield 6 teased in previous series installments

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  In anticipation of the?Battlefield 6?reveal on June 9, Video Game Chronicle?reports that short teasers have?been added to several previously-released entries in the franchise. Players who return to these older titles, including?Battlefield V, Battlefield 1?and?Battlefield 4, will be able to watch the teaser. The video, posted to Twitter by user Lossy, consists of black and blue static with a heavily muffled voice speaking?unintelligibly. Game journalist Jeff Gerstmann?also reports that the news page for?Battlefield V?has become distorted in what is presumably another piece of viral marketing for the game’s sequel.

  You should go open @Battlefield V…

  — Lossy (@Losssyy) June 7, 2021

  Can’t decide if this is just some bad attempt at viral marketing for the Battlefield reveal or if someone broke something.

  — Jeff Gerstmann (@jeffgerstmann) June 7, 2021

  Recent developments make?Battlefield 6?a particularly exciting title, as Electronic Arts recently hired former?Call of Duty?General Manager Byron Beede. Beede has built quite an impressive resume within the gaming industry, working as a GM on?Call of Duty?as well as a GM and Senior Vice President on Bungie’s?Destiny 2. This experience with managing massive first-person shooter franchises bodes very well for the future of the?Battlefield?series, as Beede has been hired to grow and maintain the franchise over time.

  As one of the most popular first-person shooter franchises of today, Battlefield?has a massive and devoted player base. The reveal of?Battlefield 6?is therefore highly anticipated, with the game’s supposed near-future setting adding even more fuel to the fire. While nothing is officially known about?Battlefield 6, fans only need to wait until June 9 to find out more information.

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  Source: Video Game Chronicle, Lossy/Twitter, Jeff Gerstmann/Twitter


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