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[wasteland 3 multiplayer]Is Wasteland 3 multiplayer? What to do if co-op is not working


  Matthew Loffhagen


  For the first time in the series, Wasteland 3 has introduced a multiplayer co-op mode to allow two players to explore the apocalypse together. Unfortunately, right from the start, the multiplayer mode has been less than reliable.

  The third installment in the popular roleplaying game series, Wasteland 3 allows players to make choices that determine whether people live or die in a harsh post-apocalyptic world.

  Adding multiplayer to this kind of game was always going to be a challenge, but reports suggest the co-op mode is struggling to get off the starting line.

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  inXile Entertainment

  First things first, yes, Wasteland 3 has a multiplayer co-op mode. Unfortunately, it’s very broken right now, but developer inXile Entertainment has suggested a workaround.

  Players are reporting problems with initial connection, with the game unable to connect past 33% when entering a new zone in multiplayer mode. This isn’t all: some players are seeing their progress reset at random while playing in co-op mode.

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  While some problems are difficult to fix, others can be overcome with a little patience.

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  inXile Entertainment

  According to developer inXile Entertainment, in order to fix Wasteland 3’s multiplayer, you should disable auto saves for both players. This may prevent the game from resetting progress at random.

  In order to prevent loading problems, inXile suggests loading a new zone in single-player, saving, then connecting together in co-op mode and loading the recent save. This should hopefully leapfrog over the problems with Wasteland 3’s multiplayer loading issues.

  For the moment, these small steps are all the guidance available for connectivity problems in Wasteland 3. Thankfully, inXile is aware of the problem, and is working hard to repair the barely functional multiplayer within the game.

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