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[weird pokemon]Golurk & 9 Other Pokémon You Didn’t Know Could Learn Fly | CBR


  It makes sense for Flying-type Pokémon to learn Fly, but some of the most unlikely candidates will be able to fly their trainers around the region.

  By Daniel Kurland

  Published 14 hours ago


  Pokemon That Can Learn Fly Volcarona Golurk Naganadel Trio

  It’s absolutely incredible how a weird and niche RPG title for Nintendo’s Game Boy has gone on to become one of the most popular intellectual properties of all time, but that’s just the power of Pokémon. Pokémon’s dominance has only grown more intense, and the series has been able to successfully evolve into a franchise that has a home in video games, anime, trading card games, and so much more.

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  A constant of the Pokémon series is that understanding the different types of Pokémon is vital to success. There are many diverse different Pokémon types that exist, with Flying-type Pokémon being one of the most popular. Fly is a highly advantageous technique in Pokémon, but there are some especially surprising creatures that are able to master the move.



  There are some unusual Pokémon that become candidates to learn Fly, but Golurk is by far the most irregular. To begin with, the Generation V Pokémon from Unova is an odd hybrid of Ground and Ghost-type. Golurk resembles an intimidating suit of armor, but it’s also a creature that weighs over 700 pounds, which makes it one of the heaviest Pokémon of its type. Everything about Golurk dictates that it should remain tethered to the ground, and yet Fly is within its repertoire?which can seriously catch trainers off guard.


  Pokémon Vullaby

  Vullaby isn’t the most elegant of Pokémon, and it’s certainly an overlooked addition that comes into play during Generation V. Vullaby is a Dark and Flying-type Pokémon that’s largely defined by how the Bird Pokémon struggles to remove itself from its egg shell, not unlike other Pokémon like Togepi. Vullaby is a Flying-type Pokémon, but the creature’s Pokédex entry explicitly references how the Pokémon is incapable of flight. This is a detail that’s easy to miss, but it still makes Vullaby’s ability to learn Fly an oversight.


  Vikavolt Sophocles Pokemon

  Each new generation of Pokémon takes increasingly bigger risks with some of the creature designs. Grubbin’s evolutionary line is particularly unusual and the whole family — Grubbin, Charjabug, and Vikavolt –?serves as some of the strangest Alola region Pokémon.

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  Bug-type Pokémon are often hybrids with Flying-types, but this isn’t always the case as Vikavolt is an Electric/Bug-type Pokémon. And despite not being part Flying-type, Vikavolt is actually a rare?case of one of only three Bug-type Pokémon that are able to naturally learn the technique, Fly. This makes Vikavolt an unusual anomaly, but one that shouldn’t be underestimated as a result.


  Some of the most exciting Pokémon are the creatures that are given complex origin stories that explain that they come from outer space, different dimensions, or even thousands of years from the past. Genesect is a frightening creature that bears more in common with the Terminator than most Pokémon. Genesect is a Bug and Steel-type Pokémon that’s only made more powerful through man-made enhancements and added weaponry. Accordingly, Genesect can also learn Fly, which makes this warrior even more of a well-rounded threat.



  To be fair, Volcarona has prominent wings and it looks like a Pokémon where flight might be one of the creature’s more natural impulses. However, Volcarona is a powerful Pokémon in a tiny package that’s the unique hybrid of Bug and Fire-Type. This flame moth concept is quite dangerous,?and it already has a multitude of techniques through these typings. Volcarona can also learn Fly through various means, which makes this resilient Pokémon a legitimate danger. Volcarona can often?be ignored for more significant Bug-type Pokémon, or be viewed entirely for its Fire-type attacks.


  Pokémon Sword?&?Shield represents Generation VIII of the franchise, which also contains some extremely unusual additions to the series. Flapple belongs to Applin’s bizarre evolutionary line, and it’s a strange Pokémon design that feels more like roughage than a dragon.

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  Flapple is a Dragon and Grass-type Pokémon, which doesn’t immediately make it seem like a primary candidate to learn Fly. Flapple continues to be full of surprises, and the Pokémon learns the technique naturally at Level 40, despite not being Flying-type at all.



  There are a lot of frightening Pokémon, but Eternatus from Generation VIII is absolute nightmare fuel, pure and simple. Eternatus looks like a demon, and it’s a dangerous combination of Dragon and Poison-Type. Eternatus is specifically known for its huge size, and it weighs over 2000 pounds as a result. All of this makes it seem like Eternatus is too immense to Fly, or simply operates through other means, but the Pokémon can still learn the technique with the help of a TM. There are few Pokémon?with flying capabilities that will make more of a statement than Eternatus.


  There’s a fragile balance to the Pokémon universe, and there are some important creatures that are tasked as guardians to protect certain areas of the world, while other Pokémon are agents of destruction and chaos that orchestrate the opposite. Generation VII’s Tapu Koko is the guardian of the Alola region’s Melemele Island and very much an enigma. Tapu Koko is the rare combination of Electric and Fairy-type, neither of which necessarily have links to Fly. Nevertheless, Tapu Koko is still able to learn the move through the use of a TM, which makes the Pokémon an even greater guardian.


  Lunala - Poke?mon

  Lunala is a Psychic and Ghost-type Pokémon that first appears in the Alola region as a powerful creature that shares an intense association with the moon. Wings are quite prominent on Lunala, but the Pokémon routinely uses them to absorb the moon’s light and convert it into energy. In this sense, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Lunala’s wings were more perfunctory or absorption tools than dedicated means for flight. This might have been the original plan for the unnerving Ghost Pokémon, but Lunala can also use a TM to learn Fly and become quite the epic sighting in the sky.


  Dangerous and deadly Pokémon have been present in the series ever since the introduction of Legendary Pokémon back in Generation I. There have been new breeds of powerful Pokémon over time, whether they’re Mythical Pokémon or the even more hazardous Ultra Beasts. Naganadel is one of the most frightening Ultra Beasts to appear in Generation VII’s Ultra Sun?&?Ultra Moon titles. Naganadel is a powerful Poison and Dragon-type Pokémon, but it’s still able to master Fly through the use of a TM. Naganadel is already dangerous enough without this advantage.

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