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[minecraft story mode]When did Minecraft: Story Mode come out?


  Minecraft: Story Mode was an experimental point-and-click, narrative-driven version of the popular sandbox game, Minecraft.

  It was created as a collaborative project between Mojang Studios—the hosting studio of Minecraft—and Telltale Games.

  Telltale Games has since shut down, which caused the end of Minecraft: Story Mode, and there seems to be no anticipated return or revival of the series.

  Here is a summarizing look at Minecraft: Story Mode, what it was, why it collapsed, and why players around the world had divided opinions about the game before and after its release.

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  Minecraft: Story Mode was a series of point-and-click episodes for players to experience that was initially released in the later months of 2015.

  The game was released over the end of 2015 and into the early months of 2016, dropping for twelve different platforms over that span of time.

  Minecraft: Story Mode was released first for Microsoft and macOS products, then progressed to releases for WiiU, Apple TV, and eventually Xbox 360 and Xbox 1, Apple IOS devices, Playstation 3 and 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

  It was a decision and QTE (quick time event) based game that guided players through set paths and dialogue to complete.

  The main game mechanics were clicking through the provided areas to discover hidden oddities, follow specific pathways, and make spur of the moment actions to complete the levels.

  The main aspects of Minecraft—such as exploration, crafting, building, and combat—were all included in the game in their own ways, despite how they differed from the original Minecraft gameplay.

  It eventually inspired a Netflix animated television show that echoed the levels of the game, and that too ended with just one season.

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  Ultimately, the collapse of Minecraft: Story Mode came down to the shutting down of Telltale Games.

  Telltale Games was co-creating this new point-and-click series alongside Mojang, and the project could not continue without their help.

  Point-and-click adventure games were the crux of the Telltale Games franchise, and they had created plenty before for other large franchises such as “Tales from the Borderlands” for the Borderlands game series.

  However, the game was seen as quite controversial in the eyes of the Minecraft community for multiple reasons and was not backed as heavily as most Minecraft-stemmed projects are.

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  Minecraft: Story Mode, unlike other Minecraft game experiments, wasn’t as backed by the community. Before the game came out, there was quite a lot of questioning whether the game would be worth it, and the release of the game proved that it wasn’t for many people.

  The main issues found with this game were to do with the drastic difference between this point-and-click adventure with very little freedom and the completely free realm, open sandbox game mechanics of Minecraft.

  It seemed too scripted and guided to many players and, although the game got a second season, it very much seemed like a fad. The replayability of it was minimal, as it was episodic and didn’t have enough emotion or challenge to inspire players to revisit the game once they’ve played through it.

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