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Island Diary Let’s and game evaluation


This is an uninhabited island rich with greenery.

The main character, Ryou, has lost his memory after drifting ashore. He ends up living the castaway survivor lifestyle together with the girl who finds him, Momo.

Island Diary Let’s and game evaluation

According to Momo, there are two other girls on the island: Kuro and Moca. However, they had a falling out between themselves for some reason and they all live on their own.

In order to survive, they need to cooperate as much as they can. With Momo’s guidance, Ryou goes to the other two to persuade them.

Let’s work together to survive on the deserted island!

As far as the players currently download, there are some loopholes in the game, such as the serious problem that the game patch cannot be downloaded, which makes the game lack the most attractive storyline. Generally speaking, the game experience is average.