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Menhera Fresia Flowering Abyss


Free game Original “Menhera Fresia” remake work A romance adventure game that captures Menhera girls Can you survive to the end?

Free game original “Menhera Fresia” remake work
“Once again, give you a special Menhera ingredient”
Gorgeous cast full voice, new graphics, new story
“Intensely cruel and unreasonable world” revived with a complete full remake

[CV appearance]
Festival: Mai Nakahara
Mihomi: Aimi Tanaka
Ayume: Kana Sukoya (Nijisanji)
Moeko: Yu Serizawa
Nene: Momosuzu Nene (Hololive)

BAR Master: Fukuya Master
Yukimaru: Yuri Sano
Misato: Waterfowl Murasaki

system requirement
Minimum configuration:
Operating system: Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Processor: IntelCorei3 degree
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Graphics: 960×640 or more 32bit  フルカラー
Storage space: 500 MB free space required
Additional Notes: マウス等のデバイス

Players share:
This volume, with CV, and then calculated according to the average price on the DL, 1,600 yen is almost worthy of capacity and quality, after all, two big hands, Nakahara Mai and Tanaka Aimi were invited!
I won’t say much about the content. Although it is a remake, I will blow it up just by having a personal line if end!

This work is very picky. The author has no idea of writing a good ending. At the same time, pornographic content is not the point at all. The biggest feature is the morbid relationship between the heroine and the protagonist and the hopeless ending.