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[video game release dates]Feels Like ’93: Annakin Slayd releases new playoff anthem ahead of Game 1 of Stanley Cup finals



  As Stanley Cup fever sweeps over the city, notable hip hop artist Annakin Slayd has dropped a new track to get everybody in the hockey spirit.

  The Montreal-based artist released an updated version of Feels Like ‘93 just in time for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals Monday night against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

  On the heels of his previous Habs-inspired track, the latest single, written by Andreas Farrar and Jean-Michel Simard, features vocals by singer Tiffany Pontes singing lyrics like, “I believe it was meant to be, feels a little like ‘93.”

  Slayd told CTV News he re-recorded the song with live guitar and drums for a complete 2021 refresh, and said it’s by happy circumstance that there are similarities between the team’s performance 28 years ago.

  ”It’s kind of serendipitous in a way that not only are the Habs in the Stanley Cup final but there are these similarities that make the song more appropriate and I had no choice but to make it,” he said Monday evening.

  The song, which premiered on TSN 690 Monday evening, appears to be a hit with many Habs fans, some of whom say it gives them “goosebumps.”

  The emotion right now!

  I remember 93. And you just made me cry. I didn’t think I would.

  Dude, I’m proud to be a Habs die-hard. I’m proud to be a Montrealer. And I’m proud to say you’re from MY city! #GoHabsGo fans are the greatest on the planet!!

  — NDG Pauly K. BELIEVE (@Lizardking_67) June 28, 2021

  Totally mind blowing!!! #Goosebumps #GoHabsGo

  — Josee Levesque (@JoseeLevesque5) June 28, 2021

  Oh god! Thank you @AnnakinSlayd for all the emotions you gave to us!!! #GoHabsGo

  — Catherine denis (@denis_cathou) June 28, 2021

  Well this made me cry tears of joy and happiness. Amazing work man.

  — Vez12 (@KyKy2825) June 28, 2021

  Omg! I’m crying. This is amazing. So perfect.

  — Lauren Alpern (@lovemyhabs26) June 28, 2021

  Let’s goooo!! Thank you bro & Go Habs Go ?

  — Alex Deneault (@DeneaultAlex27) June 28, 2021

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