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  The Dunes biome is one of the most dangerous and deadly in Subnautica. Here’s how players can stay alive there.

  By Jack Pursey

  Published Jun 17, 2021


  (Left) Reaper Leviathan attacking the player's Seamoth (Right) Cave in the Dunes biome

  The original?Subnautica?burst onto the gaming scene during the mid-2010s, thanks to its impressive open world that is filled with dangerous and often terrifying creatures. The inclusion of such creatures surprised many players, who thought the game would be reminiscent of?Abzor?Endless Ocean?judging by its welcoming cover art.

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  This made the game extremely?popular with YouTubers and streamers, who drew enormous audiences thanks to the surprise of coming across the game’s Leviathans. One of the game’s?most intimidating areas is the Dunes biome. The biome is close to the map’s edge and contains one of the most?frightening creatures in the?Subnautica?series thus far, the Reaper Leviathan.


  Dune biome

  The Dunes biome is located west of the game’s starting point?of Lifepod 5; it is further west than any biome excluding the Crater Edge (more on that lovely place later).?The Dunes?borders the western Mushroom Forest,?one of the western Grassy Plateaus’, the western Safe Shallows, and the two Blood Kelp?Zones. For PC players using coordinates, it can be found at?-1511 -336 294. The biome’s depth ranges between 65 and 500 meters.

  As one would expect from a biome located so far from the game’s starting point, the Dunes has its fair share of points of interest.?One of the? Alien Vent Entrance Points can be found at the biome, at the coordinates?-1160 -245 -140.


  Secondly, one of the game’s five?Sea Emperor Juveniles?will populate the biome?once?Sea Emperor Leviathan Eggs have been hatched.

  Thirdly, there is a?Sanctuary Cache?within the biome’s?Meteor Crater at the coordinates?-1144 -329 1147. Players will need a Purple Tablet to access the Cache. They can find these in multiple locations, including the Floating Island, the Mountain Island, and the?Mountain Island’s Caves. Moreover, the tablets can be crafted at a Fabricator by combining 1x Ion Cube and 2x Diamond.

  Finally, there are three wrecks in the biome. Wrecks are broken portions of the Aurora, and contain a vast range of items and fragments.


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  The?following resources can be found in the Dunes biome:

  Acid MushroomCopper OreCuddlefish EggGas PodGasopod EggGel SackGoldLarge Quartz DepositLarge Salt DepositLarge Silver DepositLarge Titanium DepositLeadLithiumMetal SalvageQuartzRubySalt DepositSea Crown SeedSilver OreTitanium

  Reaper Leviathan approaching the player

  The following dangerous creators can be found in the Dunes biome: Cave Crawler, Gasopod, Reaper Leviathan, Sand Shark, and Warper.

  Cave Crawlers aren’t likely to cause too many issues to players in the Dunes, as they’re predominantly a problem when the player is walking on land. The creatures can’t swim, so they’re forced to walk along the ocean floor. However, they have a deceivingly high jump, so players should be cautious when close to the ground without a vehicle.


  Most players will be familiar with Gasopods by the time that they reach the Dunes. The creatures?are defensive by nature and let out a flurry of exploding Gas Pods when the players get close to them, which can inflict a surprising amount of damage. Consequently, players should always be cautious when approaching one without a vehicle, as feeling too comfortable around them could become a fatal error.

  As their name suggests, Sand Sharks predominantly?roam just above or just below the sand. This?allows them to effectively ambush the player, as they’ll pop out of the sand and attack without much warning.


  Warpers are initially passive, but they will become aggressive as the player’s infection level rises while progressing through the campaign. This trend that continue until the player cures themselves of the?Kharaa Bacterium. Warpers live up to their name by warping aggressive creatures to fight the player. The creatures that they send depend on which biome the player is in; in the Dunes, they will warp Sand Sharks and Biters.

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  The Reaper Leviathan is one of the most notorious, dangerous, and?terrifying creatures in?Subnautica. The creatures do a whopping 220 damage to the Cyclops, 40-60 damage to the Seamoth, 20-30 damage to the Prawn Suit, and a brutal 80 damage to the player without equipment.


  Thankfully, there are a few ways to deal with a Reaper.?The first is to?strafe?when swimming. This may sound mundane, and should only be used as a last resort. However,?this?strategy can save the player’s life. Reaper Leviathans aren’t very quick at moving side to side, so if the player is approached by one, they should take the counterintuitive approach of facing it and strafe around its head towards the side of its body.

  The second strategy is to craft a Stasis Rifle. The Stasis Rifle will freeze the Leviathan, allowing the player to easily escape or even scan it. Finally, the player should hop inside their Prawn Suit if they’re deep enough into the game to have crafted one. The Prawn Suit?can absorb a lot of the Reaper’s damage, is easy to repair, and can even fight back once?players craft the?Drill Arm.


  Subnautica Ghost Leviathan

  Reaper Leviathans aren’t the only significant risk to players?in the Dunes biome, as the area borders the deadly Crater Edge (also known as the Void). The Crater Edge functions as an extreme invisible wall, killing players who venture too far away from the game’s map.

  The Crater Edge borders the map and indicates its presence with the horrifying message “Warning: Entering ecological dead zone. Adding report to databank.” Unfortunately, many gamers take this as a sign they’re heading into an interesting, location. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as all that awaits the player is three Ghost Leviathans that will spawn and attack the player until they die. Suffice to say, slipping into the Crater Edge will result in a swift death.


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