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[darth nihilus]Star Wars: 5 Sith Who Are Legends (& 5 Who Deserve More Attention)


  The Sith are home to some of the most iconic villains in the Star Wars galaxy, but which of them has gotten their due, and who needs more attention?

  By Drew Atchison

  Published Jun 19, 2021


  Emperor Palpatine, Count Dooku, and Darth Maul

  Everyone almost always roots for the good guys. In the world of?Star Wars, almost everyone wants to see the Jedi beat the villains?and watch the Rebel Alliance beat?the Empire in the classic battle of good vs. evil. But, the dark side still has some fantastic foes.

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  The truth is, if anyone was going to be looking for?epic villains and baddies to face off against, there are none better than the Sith and those who use the dark side of the Force. And, while a good portion of the Sith Lords have become legends and icons, others deserve more attention.


  Ventress boards a train in search of a bounty

  Although?Clone Wars?was initially written off as nothing more than a kid’s show by many, the series proved to be one of the best Star Wars entries in recent history. Known for introducing great characters like Ahsoka and Captain Rex,?Clone Wars gave fans the badass sith assassin Asajj Ventress.

  A former apprentice of Count Dooku who was betrayed by her master, Ventress has been through a lot in and out of the series. From battling Savage Oppress to becoming a bounty hunter after the fall of the Night Sisters, Ventress was still a fantastic Sith who defied expectations.

  Adam Driver as Kylo Ren

  The sequel trilogy of the?Star Wars universe has been seen by many as a sore spot for the galaxy. And although it was hit or miss, there are plenty of characters who deserved more respect and attention in the series, like Kylo Ren.

  While Kylo may not return to the?Star Wars universe?in a new series or franchise, it’s possible that a prequel series could explore the powerful?and menacing boy?in a more positive way without?the strained relationship between the grandson of Darth Vader?and Rey.


  Count Dooku Beheaded In Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

  Sometimes, an actor helps make a character. Introduced after?The Phantom Menace, Count Dooku was the apprentice and lackey of Sidious and was played by the legendary Christopher Lee who clearly aided in elevating the character.

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  Having played villains in other iconic films beyond?Star Wars, Lee embodied a fantastic Count Dooku that became utilized throughout the likes of movies,?TV shows, and comics, and the character still stands out years after the prequels came out.

  Darth Nihilus

  There are times when?Star Wars can delve more into the genre of horror than sci-fi and Darth Nihilus does that more than any other. Losing everything during the Jedi civil war, Nihilus joined the dark side and had a craving for the power of the force.

  Becoming one of the three dark lords of the Sith for a good while, Nihilus was almost like a vampire, draining Jedi of their power and killing dozens. Although he’s had a few appearances in the lore, an actual appearance in the movies or shows would be awesome for Nihilus.


  Emporer Palpatine rules in Star Wars.

  It goes without saying that Emperor Palpatine is one of the darkest and most powerful Sith Lords in the?galaxy. While cheating death via clones comes across as a little nonsensical, the nefarious Palpatine’s left a large impact on the galaxy.

  From orchestrating the events of Order 66, creating Darth Vader, and mastering the dark side of the force, Emperor Palpatine’s dark legacy of terror spans the entirety of the?Skywalker Saga and lets him shine with the rest.

  Darth Plagueis draws his lightsabers against heroes

  Source: Wookieepedia

  For the longest time, audiences believed the likes of Emperor Palpatine was the darkest lord in the?Star Wars?universe, the mastermind behind everything. Then audiences heard the word of Darth Plagueis the wise, a powerful dark sith lord who was the mentor of Palpatine.

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  A Sith Lord who could prevent death itself from taking hold, Plagueis was an intelligent Sith who was a master planner. Although Plagueis has gotten some love in novels and comics, his actual appearance in live-action films and tv shows has yet to happen for an awesome dark master.



  Only a few moments are really needed to make a character a legend. Upon his first appearance in?The Phantom Menace when he utilized a double-bladed?lightsaber and battled Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan to one of John Williams’s greatest film scores, Maul was quickly dispatched and tossed down a pit, never to be seen again.

  At least, until Dave Filoni and?Clone Wars brought Maul back. Developing the fan-favorite villain?even further than his small appearance in Episode I, Maul became an icon, a brutal Sith lord, and a monstrous being who terrorized the?Star Wars universe and Obi-Wan Kenobi for years before his final death.


  Many dark Sith lords end up changing the course of the dark lord’s legacies. A powerful Sith Lord who lived centuries before the?Clone Wars and Skywalker Saga, Darth Bane saw the Sith as being weak, always battling one another for their own power.

  Setting out to reform the Sith, Bane created the legendary Rule of Two. The rule states that only two sith can exist at once, as a way to keep power in check. Along with being a deadly and epic dark master of the force, Bane has faded a bit into the background despite a few appearances and needs a bit more attention.



  Every?Star Wars fan worth their salt will go on record to say that Darth Vader is not just a great villain but a fantastic character. Starting out as the lovable Anakin Skywalker before going a dark path to becoming the darkest Sith Lord imaginable before finding redemption, Vader’s story is a legendary one.

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  Outside of the movies, Vader’s comics and animated legacy stretch on, and with the dark lord becoming more and more like a tragic horror monster, Vader will always be there to strike fear into the hearts of heroes.

  Darth Revan wields his lightsaber and armor in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

  Although most Sith Lords have?had dozens of appearances, the likes of Darth Revan have only had?a handful of times in the spotlight. A former Jedi who turned to the dark side during the days of the Old Republic, Revan is a deadly force not to be taken likely.

  A vicious Sith Lord who’s become a fan-favorite of many, Revan has proven himself time and time again of being worthy of joining the mainstream universe and yet has still not been given a proper introduction.

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