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[zeraora]Every Pokemon Confirmed for Pokemon Unite and Their Role


  Pokemon Unite has 19 playable Pokemon planned for the game’s launch, and each of them fill a specific role in this Pokemon MOBA.

  By Hunter Mass

  Published 4 days ago



  The announcement of?Pokemon Unite last year took many fans by surprise, especially with the news that the game was being developed by Tencent. A Pokemon-style MOBA is definitely a unique concept, and will be new for the franchise. Pokemon Unite?lets every player choose a Pokemon to play, what moves they want their Pokemon to learn, and which items to take into battles that take place on Aeos Island. Gameplay revolves around defeating other player Pokemon and wild Pokemon, collect the Aeos energy that’s dropped, and taking it to an opponent’s “goal zone” to score points.

  Each playable Pokemon will have their different playstyles and fit into different familiar MOBA roles. In?Pokemon Unite, these roles are the balanced All-Rounder, the damage-dealing Attacker, the tanky Defender, the helpful Supporter, and the agile Speedster. As the?newest trailer for Pokemon Unite?revealed, there are plenty of different Pokemon that will be available at launch, and each Pokemon listed here will?generally include the rest of its evolutionary line. Pokemon have different stats split between five categories: offense, endurance, mobility, scoring, and support.

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  Players were first able to get a taste of some of the All-Rounder Pokemon during Pokemon Unite’s initial beta testing period this year. Much like their name suggests, these Pokemon have a bit more balanced stats, especially with offense and endurance. While specific strategies will develop as players learn?Pokemon Unite’s mechanics, All-Rounder Pokemon will likely be useful in most areas of the map. All of the current All-Rounder Pokemon are melee-focused.


  There was no doubt that one of the popular staple Pokemon for the franchise would makes its way into?Pokemon Unite. Charizard is an All-Rounder, and players will evolve through its evolutionary chain of Charmander and Charmeleon. Its Unite Move, or ultimate, is Seismic Slam, which has Charizard grab an opponent Pokemon up into the air before slamming them down again to deal damage.



  Lucario is another popular Pokemon that fits the All-Rounder role, though players won’t be able to?start as?Riolu. With balanced offense and endurance stats, Lucario has a bit more emphasis on mobility. It’s Unite Move is Aura Cannon, a ranged blast that can deal massive damage to enemy Pokemon.


  Players will start as Machop before evolving into Machoke, and then Machamp. Its Unite Move is Barrage Blow, where Machamp runs forward before unleashing a fighting-style combo to any Pokemon in front of it.


  The fourth All-Rounder Pokemon currently revealed, Garchomp players will start as Gible and evolve into Gabite at level 6. While Garchomp gets its final form and Unite Move one level later that most other Pokemon, it does have higher stats in offense and endurance to make up for it. It’s Unite Move, Livid Outrage, sees Garchomp go into a fury, buffing it up to attack Pokemon in front of it.



  The Attacker role in Pokemon Unite currently has the widest selection, insinuating that players might want to always have two Attackers on?their team compositions. Attacker Pokemon are currently all ranged, have high offense stats,?and less stats in everything else. Their endurance is especially low, making these Pokemon seem like glass cannons.

  Alolan Ninetales

  Starting as Alolan Vulpix, players will evolve into Ninetales at level four. While Alolan Ninetales has high offense stats, it is the only Attacker Pokemon to have decent support stats, which might inform its playstyle. Its Unite Move is Snow Globe, which is an area of effect blizzard that will freeze enemy Pokemon in its radius.



  Representing the Galar region’s starter Pokemon is Cinderace, evolving from Scorbunny and Raboot. It’s Unite Move is Blazing Bicycle Kick, sees Cinderance kick a giant damaging fireball at opponents. Also, one of Cinderace’s leaked Pokemon Unite customization options seems to be a fun pirate costume.


  Also from the Galar region, Cramorant is an Attacker Pokemon with expert-level difficulty. Interesting enough, it can catch prey in its mouth when it uses a Dive ability. Cramorant’s Unite Move is Gatling Gulp Missile, shooting out a barrage of Gulp Missiles at Pokemon in its range.



  The popular Kalos starter Pokemon representative, Greninja, hops onto the scene in?Pokemon Unite as well. Its damage dealing Unite Move is Waterburst Shuriken, which sees Greninja jump into the air and throw down a large water shuriken for area of effect damage.


  No Pokemon game would be complete without the franchise mascot Pikachu. It currently doesn’t evolve from Pichu or into Raichu, but will?probably?be seen in most games.?Pikachu’s attacks can occasionally paralyze enemies for a brief period of time, and its Unite Move, Thunderstorm, is a huge area of effect lightning blast.


  Pikachu is an Attacker that excels at damaging opponents from a distance and leaving them paralyzed. Its Unite Move, Thunderstorm, blasts nearby Pokémon with powerful lightning! #PokemonUNITE

  — Pokémon UNITE (@PokemonUnite) June 21, 2021


  Starting with the #001 Pokemon, Bulbasaur, players will eventually evolve into the imposing Attacker Pokemon Venusaur. Its Unite Move, Verdant Anger, has Venusaur shoot out seed bombs that scatter around, dealing damage within their radiuses.


  While Attacker and All-Rounder Pokemon have the most options for players at the moment, the next three roles just have three Pokemon each.?All Defender Pokemon have the biggest stat focus in endurance, acting like the typical tank role in games. This role is focused on protecting teammates by taking the brunt of enemy attacks.


  Starting as Dwebble, players will evolve into Crustle at level four. It has a buff-style Unite Move called Rubble Rouser, which sees Crustle cover itself in a swirling dome of rocks and dust, preventing enemies from going near it.



  Great for newer players, Snorlax is meant to take a lot of hits. Much like Lucario, it doesn’t evolve from its baby form, Munchlax. Keeping with the Pokemon’s history, Snorlax’s Unite Move is Power Nap. Snorlax falls asleep, but can roll around to deal heavy attacks to enemy Pokemon, taking less damage itself.


  Though a Defender Pokemon, Slowbro also has decent support stats. Its Unite Move is called Slowbeam, which?roots both Slowbro and a chosen enemy in place. This ultimate is great for setting up plays, but requires follow up from the rest of the team.

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  Pokemon Unite wouldn’t be a true MOBA if it didn’t create a specific class for supports. These Supporter Pokemon are focused on affecting enemies with status conditions or healing up ally Pokemon.


  Evolving from Gossifleur, Eldegoss is able to heal allies and boost their movement speeds. Its Unite Move is called Cotton Cloud Crash, an area of effect slam that damages enemies and heals allies in its radius.

  Eldegoss may look soft, but don’t underestimate this skilled Supporter! Its Lv. 6 move, Cotton Guard, protects Eldegoss and its allies from taking damage and restores some HP. #PokemonUNITE

  — Pokémon UNITE (@PokemonUnite) June 23, 2021

  Mr. Mime

  A melee Supporter Pokemon, Mr. Mime also has a high endurance stat level, letting it fill a tank support role. Mr. Mime can stun enemies in a radius with its Unite Move, Showtime!, to help set up smart plays.



  After evolving from Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff is a ranged Supporter Pokemon. When it isn’t affecting enemy movement, Wigglytuff can use its Unite Move, Starlight Recital, to provide a huge amount of protection for nearby teammates.


  The final role available in Pokemon Unite focuses on the goal-scoring aspect of gameplay. Speedster Pokemon have high stats in mobility and scoring, and will likely be the Pokemon trying to goal most often.


  This Speedster Pokemon also has a high offense stat, and will likely be roaming around to fight enemies whenever it isn’t trying to score. Absol’s Unite Move, Midnight Slash, deals damage in a cone ahead of it while throwing?any Pokemon hit away from Absol.



  The ghostly Shadow Pokemon Gengar will evolve from Gastly and Haunter, with a moveset that will help?Gengar make surprise attacks. Its Unite Move is Phantom Ambush, and it turns Gengar invisible for a brief period of time, letting it dash in a specific direction.


  After evolving from Fletchling and Fletchinder, Talonflame will be able to speed around the map, flying around obstacles or above walls with some of its moves. Its Unite Move, Flame Sweep, has Talonflame charge forward in a specific direction, displacing enemies it charges into. Players may even be able to earn a special Aviator skin for Talonflame through?Pokemon Unite’s battle pass.


  These have been the 19 Pokemon that are planned to be available at the launch of Pokemon Unite. The developers have also stated that Blastoise and Gardevoir will be available soon after the game’s launch, but there isn’t official information for them yet.?Some previously leaked Pokemon Unite screenshots?also showed the Mythical Pokemon Zeraora as a playable Pokemon.

  While there are obviously Pokemon that players will be able to pick, there are multiple more Pokemon that will be appearing in the game. Most of these wild Pokemon will be around the game map for players to defeat in order to collect Aeos energy. So far, trailers have shown off Pokemon like Lillipup, Aipom, Corphish, Combee, Vespiqueen, Bouffalant, and more.?Legendary Pokemon will also appear in Pokemon Unite?as special event battles on the map that can give players extra buffs. With?Pokemon Unite launching next month, players won’t have to wait too long to start trying out different Pokemon and different roles in this new MOBA.


  Pokemon Unite?is expected to release in July 2021 for Nintendo Switch, and September 2021 for mobile devices.

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