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[Bury Me, My Love]‘Bury me, my Love’ creates an intimate and tangible experience out of recent history


  Nour’s route to and through Europe will vary depending on the choices players make. Important decisions such as whether to trust a smuggler seem to often come with some downside. When, for instance, I encouraged Nour to take a boat to from Turkey to Greece, she finds herself on a vessel so overcrowded that she ends up smothering a little boy she was trying to protect. Another, less-dramatic, moment that stayed with me was a simple text that sends to Nour Majd (without my input) admonishing her to not share her water bottle with a group of migrants because she should prioritize her needs. I found his statement selfish but understandable. Neither he nor Nour are perfect. Their dialogue is laced with squabbles, endearments, dumb jokes, worries, typos, memes, and repartee — not to mention emojis and pics. Their words are interesting enough that I didn’t mind following them on a TV or on the screen of the Nintendo Switch. But after I ended up getting Nour stuck in a refugee camp in Bulgaria, I decided to have another go on my iPhone. It certainly felt more natural to read the couple’s texts on a phone. The smartphone version also has real-time settings and push notifications. If you choose, Nour can reply to you after time has elapsed so that when she says she has to go, she is unavailable. This gives the conversation a more natural tempo.