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[ludo star 2017]Ludo Star is down and people are feeling ‘lifeless’ without it



  August 21 started as any regular Monday, people preparing to go to work after a weekend, kids going back to schools. But what they all didn’t know was what fate has in store for them.

  It was all okay till around afternoon when people started realising that one of the ‘integral parts’ of their lives, the game that connects deranged colleagues in the office, Ludo Star is down!!

  Ludo star is down. )’:

  — Mahnoor Maqsood (@Mah_noorMaqsood) August 21, 2017

  @ludostarhd ludo star is down since morning, Still not working restarted the phone and reinstalled the app also still out of order.

  — Hamza Khan Jakhrani (@hamzajakhrani) August 21, 2017

  The news spread like a wild fire as people took to social media show how ‘lonely and bored’ they were without their favourite app.

  #LudoStar is down since morning, getting bored, nothing to do #Hell #Boredem

  — Inam Metla ? (@Zaalim___) August 21, 2017

  While some felt ‘lifeless’, others couldn’t help but search for meaning of their lives.

  When all players are life less! Server is down #ludostar @ludostarhd

  — The Exceptional (@The_Exceptional) August 21, 2017

  This game is the only entertainment I have this summer, please don’t take #LudoStar away from me..

  — ? (@Bmo93) August 21, 2017

  #LudoStar is down. What am I supposed to do now?

  — The Emperor (@The3mper0r) August 21, 2017

  Later in the afternoon, the game developers announced that the Ludo Star server are up and working again.

  The servers are running well again. If you are still not able to play then please restart your phone.

  — Ludo STAR (@ludostarhd) August 21, 2017

  If you are facing any problem with League, then please be patient. We are have turned it off for the next 8 hrs. #leagueNotOpening #ludoSTAR

  — Ludo STAR (@ludostarhd) August 21, 2017

  However, if you are facing problems with any of the Ludo Star leagues, then be patient as the developers said they are turning leagues for next eight hours.

  What is Ludo Star

  Created by Indian game developers Gameberry Labs, the game offers the same thrill the original board game gives.

  Pakistanis indulge in ‘Ludo Star’ wars

  Using the same coloured houses, single dice and similar dynamics as the board game, the game is easy to play and connects well with friends.


  Available on iOS and Android, the game lets you play using your Facebook profile or you could play in guest mode.

  Interestingly enough and contrary to the original board game, you can use gems to retry a turn meaning you can have another try at the dice if you don’t like the number you got on a turn.