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[gacha life old version apk]Gacha Life 2 release date: When will the game be available to download?


  Robert Mann


  Gacha Life 2 is the follow up to Gacha Life, a mobile fashion game that allows you to make an anime-like character and dress them up how you like.

  Its original release date, which was expected earlier this year, was brought to a halt as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

  Gacha Club’s official website currently lists in detail what you can expect from the game.

  Gacha Life 2 will be released in August later this year

  The game is now back in production and will be released on mobiles in August later this year.

  The different thing about the Gacha Life franchise is that the dress up and customizations are available in anime style. The users can choose the character and customize the looks such as hairstyles, weapons, and outfits.

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  The sequel is expected to have various improvements such as the number of characters. As of right now, the game has 20 characters but the sequel will allow players to choose from a list of 50.

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  The game provides unique features of customising eight characters simultaneously which has now been increased to ten. The game will feature the addition of pets for the characters with customisations and the ability to talk.

  Another exciting addition will be the Battle mode in which the character can earn gifts after winning the battle. Gifts will be able to upgrade the character to another level.

  We may also see improvements in the gestures of the character to make it more engaging with the player.

  Gacha Life 2 will first release on Android, followed by iOS and PC.

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