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The June Joust standings in the Eastern region of the Overwatch League were solidified as the Philadelphia Fusion, Seoul Dynasty and Hangzhou Spark won on Saturday.

The first match of the day saw a re-invigorated Philadelphia Fusion (6-2, 5 points) take a 3-1 series win over the Los Angeles Valiant (0-8, 0 points). The Fusion played well, starting the series with a 2-0 win on Nepal and a 2-1 win on Volskaya Industries.

Philadelphia enjoyed a stellar performance from DPS Josue ^Eqo ̄ Corona¨s Echo, who only recently joined the team due to visa issues. In spite of this, the Fusion allowed the Valiant to full-hold them in Game 3 on Numbani for a 1-0 win, knocking the Fusion out of June Joust playoff contention. After that, the Fusion finished the series with a 2-1 win on Rialto. With this result, the New York Excelsior (3-5, 3 points) took the fourth seed for the June Joust.

The Seoul Dynasty (6-2, 6 points) punched their ticket to the June Joust with a 3-0 sweep of the Guangzhou Charge (2-6, 2 points). With the win, the Dynasty locked themselves into the third seed, the Shanghai Dragons (6-2, 8 points) into the second seed, and the Hangzhou Spark (4-3, 4 points) into first.

Seoul was aggressive from the jump, enabling star DPS Junyoung ^Profit ̄ Park as Echo by giving him resources and letting him find kills. The Dynasty took Busan 2-1, Volskaya Industries 2-1, and Numbani 3-2 in the sweep.

The final day of the game meant nothing for the standings, but pride was on the line as the home-team Hangzhou Spark beat the Chengdu Hunters (4-4, 4 points) 3-1. In a battle of mirror compositions, the Spark came out on top thanks to DPS Zheng ^Shy ̄ Yangjie. Shy dominated as Echo, dealing over 63,000 damage throughout the series.

Hangzhou started with a 2-1 win on Ilios, which Chengdu responded to with a 3-2 win on Volskaya Industries. In Game 3 on Numbani, both teams finished the map with time in the bank, but an extended overtime push gave the Spark the 5-3 win. After that, Hangzhou took care of business with a 3-2 win on Rialto to secure the series win.

The OWL teams are competing in three weeks of matches to determine qualification for the June Joust¨s double-elimination playoff brackets, which will be contested June 6-12.

The top six teams from the West and the top four teams from the East will make the initial playoff rounds. Two teams from each region will advance to the double-elimination final playoff round.

June Joust qualifiers continue on Saturday with three matches:

Paris Eternal vs Los Angeles Gladiators (West)

Vancouver Titans vs Dallas Fuel (West)

San Francisco Shock vs Washington Justice (West)

Overwatch League standings by region, with win-loss record, map differential and league points


1. Houston Outlaws, 7-1, +12, 7

2. Dallas Fuel, 4-3, +4, 7

3. San Francisco Shock, 6-1, +12, 6

4. Los Angeles Gladiators, 5-2, +9, 5

5. Washington Justice, 5-2, +6, 5

6. Florida Mayhem, 4-4, -1, 5

7. Atlanta Reign, 4-4, +5, 4

8. Toronto Defiant, 4-4, -3, 4

9. Paris Eternal, 3-4, -3, 3

10. Boston Uprising, 3-5, -4, 3

11. Vancouver Titans, 0-7, -17, 0

12. London Spitfire, 0-8, -20, 0


1. Shanghai Dragons, 6-2, +9, 8

2. Seoul Dynasty, 6-2, +11, 5

3. Philadelphia Fusion, 6-2, +10, 5

4. Hangzhou Spark, 4-3, +7, 4

5. Chengdu Hunters, 4-3, +3, 4

6. New York Excelsior, 3-5, -6, 3

7. Guangzhou Charge, 2-6, -12, 2

8. Los Angeles Valiant, 0-8, -22,

–By Noah Waltzer, Field Level Media