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[apkpure apk]The latest Android app warning proves why you shouldn’t avoid the Google Play Store


  APKPure – along with APKMirror and F-Droid – is one of the most popular destinations for Android users looking to download an APK. Security researchers at Kaspersky Labs discovered the issue with APKPure, saying developers fell victim to malicious code that was hidden away on adware that was implemented.

  Speaking about the risk of this trojan, Kaspersky Labs said: “Depending on the OS version, the Trojan can inflict various forms of damage on the victim.

  ”APKPure users with current Android versions mostly risk having paid subscriptions and intrusive ads appear from nowhere. Users of smartphones who do not receive security updates are less fortunate: in outdated versions of the OS, the malware is capable of not only loading additional apps, but installing them on the system partition.