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  God of War: Ragnarok signifies the end to the Norse Gods. Following its conclusion, Kratos and Atreus’ next adventure should take them to Egypt.

  By Nicholas Brooks

  Published 5 days ago


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  When the God of War series began, it remained staunchly in the realm of Greek mythology. As Kratos continued on his path of revenge, he single-handedly decimated the Gods of that culture before choosing to settle down with his wife Laufey and son Atreus. However, the reboot showed that there were other?realms?to explore and that Kratos could have even more adventures ahead of him.

  2018’s God of War sees Kratos and Atreus braving the worlds of Norse mythology and encountering the Aesir Gods such as Baldur and Freya. But?as the game progresses, it’s?revealed that there are?other pantheons of gods that exist in the world. These various pantheons could provide interesting stories for plenty of future stories, but?the one?pantheon?that could appeal to Kratos the most is found in Ancient Egypt.


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  For Kratos, his journey to the deserts of Egypt wouldn’t be his first. He has visited the land in the past in the comic?God of War: Fallen Gods. The game’s director, Cory Barlog, has also expressed interest in taking the character far beyond his roots and having him explore new pantheons as the entries continue. But with the director’s interests aside, the Gods of Egypt offer a narrative challenge to Kratos that hasn’t been seen in the series yet.

  Both the Greek gods and the Aesir pride themselves on their hubris and strength. As a result, Kratos’ bouts would often be decided with feats of strength and willpower. But the Gods of Egypt feature more introspective deities, which create an intellectual challenge and a physical one. Gods like Amun-Ra, Osiris and Thoth carried great power?and?were also more likely to seek more diplomatic solutions. However, there were also Gods such as Anubis and Horace, who are no strangers to aggression. More than what has come before, Kratos will have to pick his battles wisely, which may also force his son to fight in his place. With the Gods of Egypt, not all disputes can be solved with fists and may require a?sharp mind alongside a sharp blade.


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  The Egyptian pantheon also features a host of other creatures, unlike anything that has been seen in the past. In?God of War: Fallen Gods, Kratos is seen going toe to toe with massive crocodiles and hippos.?After the appearance of characters like the world snake, Jormungandr, other massive creatures would take the franchise’s already outrageous boss battles to a whole new level. Most of the Gods also have an appearance of a half-human half-animal hybrid with Gods like Ra shown with a human body and head of a bird. Since the franchise is no stranger to taking liberties with the God’s designs, these design inspirations could push the limits of graphics and create awe-inspiring characters.


  As Ragnarok approaches, Kratos’ time with the Norse Gods could be nearing its conclusion. As his story continues, taking the story to ancient Egypt is the best possible choice. The Gods of that pantheon offer a physical and intellectual challenge, and the feats Kratos will overcome could be even more impressive than everything that has come before. As Kratos’ story continues, the Gods of Ancient Egypt?shouldn’t be discounted.

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