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Cole Travis

in General | Jun, 7th 2021

Ubisoft seems to have a lot up its sleeves this year, with multiple new games coming out within the rest of 2021. However, Ubisoft has been very forthcoming with what to expect during their show, as E3 is back once again. Many fans are excited to see what Ubisoft has planned. Their Ubisoft Forward online conference is slated to start at noon PT on June 12. However, fans who decide to join an hour early will be treated to news about their current live titles such as Brawlhalla, TrackMania, The Crew 2, and For Honor.

The show will properly start at noon PST. This time, Ubisoft has some surprises up its sleeve. While they¨re not letting us in on what they have planned during the show, they give players some helpful information about what to expect during the broadcast. More information can be discovered by going to Ubisoft¨s website discussing their E3 broadcast schedule.

Formerly known as Rainbow 6: Quarantine, this co-op PvE shooter was announced during E3 2019. It¨s described as a three-person co-op shooter where players will have to face an alien parasite that consumes any human it comes in contact with.

This, in turn, makes for a massively different step for the Rainbow 6 series, as players are used to the conventions of realistic and tactical gameplay. However, it seems that the project has gone dark since Ubisoft¨s 2019 E3 showcase. Players will finally find out some information about the PvE project. Even though the title¨s name, Rainbow 6 Quarantine, dropped, the plans remain the same for the gameplay and concept as a whole.

Far Cry 6 had a broadcast recently that keyed players into the island paradise of Yara. While the game has players fighting Presidente Anton Castillo to avenge the death of their friends and customize and craft makeshift weapons to turn the player into a one-man army, players don¨t know much more than a short gameplay showcase and a brief synopsis.

However, more information about the world of Yara and what players can find will be given during the Ubisoft Forward event. It¨s most likely that players will be clued to what Far Cry 6 has to offer in full during the presentation.

Similar to the game Steep, players will embark on a massive multiplayer riding adventure that takes to the land, snow, ice, and skies to compete in challenges for biking, skiing, snowboarding, wing suiting, flying, and more.

The game also includes several multiplayer challenges and community races where all players can embark on a chaotic race downhill. Players can also gain sponsors the better they are at the game and compete in Red Bull and the X Games challenges.

Customization is also key in the Riders Republic. Players can don whatever outfit they deem fit. While only a gameplay trailer was shown off in September, no more information is known about the insane, adrenaline-fueled game, as it was delayed past its Feb. 25 release date. Ubisoft hasn¨t forgotten about their project. Riders Republic will make it to the Ubisoft Forward event on Saturday, filling players in on where the game went and when it¨ll debut on consoles and PC.

While Assassin¨s Creed Valhalla and Rainbow 6 Siege already came out, players will be happy to know that there¨s more content coming to both of the titles. Ubisoft extends a section of their presentation to letting players know about what¨s next for these titles.

As Rainbow 6 enters its sixth-year content loop, players are curious about what will next, especially with the new Rainbow 6 PvE game supposedly coming down the pipeline.

Valhalla also has fans looking for its second expansion, which sees players traveling to the land of Francia and taking down Charles the Fat in The Siege of Paris expansion. Players will most likely get more information about this expansion which will release in the summer of 2021.

Ubisoft started a film and television division and produced content based upon their titles, such as Mythic Quest, a game developer sitcom starring Rob McElhenney from It¨s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Streaming on AppleTV+, fans of the show are waiting on information about the third season.

Another addition to the division is producing a film based on the game Werewolves Within, a VR party game that Ubisoft launched in 2016 during the infancy of the VR Medium. A horror comedy based on the title is coming to online services in July due to Ubisoft¨s push towards more traditional media. The film, starring Sam Richardson and Milana Vayntrub, takes place in a fictional town, with a group being trapped inside and a sheriff who must keep the peace and find out who the werewolf is. Fans should expect to see some news about the film during the Ubisoft Forward announcements, as a trailer and release date have already been shown to the masses a few months back.

Fans who stick around will be treated to some more information from the developers of Rainbow 6 Siege and the process of fixing massive issues in the game. Ubisoft will also show the design process behind one of the new operators included in Rainbow 6, showing how the characters are brought into the game from conception to reality.

Fans are encouraged to watch the stream on Twitch as the site¨s Twitch Drop function will hand out free in-game weapon charms for Siege.

While it seems like a lot, Ubisoft is gearing up for serious announcements. Everything mentioned on the website isn¨t all that¨s going to be shown. Ubisoft plans to reveal many more projects from the company when the E3 presentation launches on June 12.