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[Shadow Man: Remastered]Nightdive Talks Restoring Cut Content For ‘Shadow Man Remastered’; New Screenshots


  Nightdive Studios have updated their progress on the upcoming Shadow Man Remastered with several new screenshots and more details on just what’s included in the game. Chatting with IGN, Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick explained, among other things, how the developer went about restoring the cut content from the original version of the game.

  “Parts of the missing content such as level geometry, enemies and bosses were still contained in the original game files which gave us something to work with”, says Kick, who also brought on original Shadow Man composer Tim Haywood to the Remastered team. Haywood explained that the switch from a sole PC release to adding N64, PS1, and Dreamcast ports led to development issues that would have caused a delay had the team not gone in with an axe to chop content.

  Kick continued, saying that cut levels were never built, and so Nightdive had to build them from scratch themselves. “It has been a challenge, but the end result will hopefully be the definitive version of Shadow Man that the original developers intended to deliver.”

  When asked why Kick decided to focus on bringing Shadow Man back from the depths of obscurity, Kick explained that even after 20 years since it’s original release, the game still holds up. “Shadow Man was one of the first M rated titles to appear on a Nintendo console which let consumers and fans of the platform know that the N64 was not just for kids. Shadow Man had other ports on PlayStation and Dreamcast as well, but the inclusion of the N64 meant the potential audience would be exponentially higher. For many of those N64 owners this was most likely their first experience with a horror game that had a much darker tone and foreboding atmosphere than what they were used to, and it strongly resonated with them.”

  You can check out the rest of the interview (along with the screenshots comparing the original to the remaster) in the link above. Shadow Man Remastered is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam and