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[snapchat apk]Snapchat Half-Swipe Notification Disappoints Users: How to Fool System, Possible Reverse Update and


  A Snapchat half-swipe gives users the capability to take a quick peek at messages without notifying the sender that they were read. This has been a popular functionality within the app, but a major update has apparently removed this feature.

  With users opting to choose Snapchat due to its privacy features, this development seems to be a big letdown.

  Half-swiping is quite simple to do for avid users of Snapchat even though the feature was not part of the original design, Distractify said. To open a message, Snapchat users swipe left, but they would soon discover that if they half-swipe, they can read the message without having to send a notification that it has been seen. It’s a great way of previewing the message before deciding to respond to it or not.

  In the new update, half-swipes are rendered useless. Half-swiping will make a bitmoji appear on the chat screen, letting the sender know that the recipient read the message, Screen Rant reported. The Snapchat apps on Android and iOS have all been updated on the Google Play and Apple Store, and no mention was made on this update on half-swipes.

  Users who have recently downloaded the update have indicated that the changes have taken place.

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  Of course, users are not pleased, some saying Snapchat has “snitched” on them for that message peek.

  A big question in users’ minds is how to ditch or dodge this update and keep the feature. An option is to skip the update altogether, but updating is necessary to keep up with new features and improving security. Is keeping half-swiping worth this? However, if you have downloaded the update, you could fool the system into retaining the half-swipe on a Snapchat message by placing the phone in Airplane Mode, Screen Rant revealed.

  Another option for users is undoing the Snapchat update and installing the previous version, Republic World noted. To do this, users need to turn off automatic updates for Google Play and the App Store.

  For your iOS device, simply delete the app. After turning off Automatic Updates, download Snapchat again. While logging in, type in your e-mail and hit forgot password. Then choose to reset through phone. Once you get the reset code and keying it in, you can change the password. If you login again, the app would be back to the old version.

  For Android, users need to go to the Settings tab, then to Apps or Applications. Search for Snapchat in the applications list then select it, Republic World further posted. Click on the button that says Updates Uninstall. Your Android phone will reboot itself. When you restart your phone, open the Snapchat app. The reinstalled version would be the older version you had been using.

  Installing the old Snapchat is also possible on Android phones by using the APK Mirror/Android Package. An old version of Snapchat is available in this APK service. Just go to the website. Download the old Snapchat version, then choose Allow Installation from unknown device. Install and login to Snapchat, Republic World added.

  Unfortunately for iOS users, getting rid of the Snapchat update is not allowed. However, if you really want to remove it, you need to “jailbreak’ your phone. However doing such action might lead to a loss of warranty on your device.

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