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Apartments are usually the one place in GTA Online where players feel safe, but a glitch is proving that is not always the case.

By Bishop Lister

Published 9 hours ago


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Grand Theft Auto Online throws players into the city of Los Santos with other players around the world. The Rockstar title released in 2013 has maintained popularity due to the content frequently being added and the popularity of GTA Online streaming. As soon as players jump into Los Santos, it is typically a free-for-all. Players drive around wreaking havoc on hoverbikes, launching rockets at every vehicle in sight, and killing other players over and over without any remorse. One of few places players can feel safe is in their own apartment, but one player?has found?that is not always the case.

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Reddit user watchingluck shared their experience with a strange glitch that caused them to fall straight through the apartment floor. After waking up in one of the casino penthouses above the GTA Online Diamond Casino, watchingluck attempts to leave the apartment, but takes a plunge into a whole new area. The player does not fall through the entire map, but ends up in a small concrete room with power boxes. The player is able to freely walk around the room, but seemingly can’t leave.

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The clip does contain a little hint to why the glitch may have occurred. One fan pointed out that the GTA Online loading screen was different than any of the usual screens. The loading screen featured Tony holding a drink in a club, which has recently become known as the loading screen players get when the internet connection is poor. Watchingluck shared that they “swapped internet connections” before loading into online from the story mode.


While it seems the concrete room the player falls into is just a unused area, it may be location used for one of the Diamond Casino missions. One fan pointed out that the room is a spawn point for enemies on the casino roof in the Bad Beat mission. While the Diamond Casino penthouse is the most luxurious apartment players can buy, it now comes with a glitchy trapdoor to an unescapable room.

This is not the first Diamond Casino glitch that has trapped players. Casinos are designed for people to never want to leave, but one glitch in GTA Online takes it a little too literal. One player was walking around a seemingly empty casino, before being trapped by NPCs forever in the Diamond Casino.


Rockstar continues to add more content to GTA Online like new stunt races, updates to heists, and new items for purchase. As players continue to participate in new events and missions, hilarious glitches like falling through the apartment are bound to happen.

Grand Theft Auto Online?is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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