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[Mass Effect 2]Mass Effect 2: Insanity Tips | Game Rant


  Completing Mass Effect 2 on Insanity difficulty is no simple task but these tips and tricks will help you make it through the game’s toughest mode.

  By Daniel DeAngelo

  Published Jun 03, 2021


  Mass Effect 2 Death Screen

  Mass Effect 2 significantly overhauled the series combat system and some still consider it the best in the franchise. It’s arguably one of the few BioWare games that can sell itself on combat alone.

  Naturally, some players want to test their mettle in Mass Effect 2’s hardest difficulty, Insanity. Players have used many strategies to complete Mass Effect 2’s Insanity difficulty, and the ideal build depends on their preferred playstyle as much as on raw stats. However, this guide will explain some essential tips for beating Mass Effect 2 on Insanity difficulty.

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  Mass Effect 2 Death Screen

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  One helpful tactic is to complete Mass Effect 2 on an easier difficulty, then start again using the New Game+ feature. New Game+ carries all previously unlocked abilities, weapons, and armor to the new playthrough. It also allows the player to start the game with any Bonus Power unlocked in the previous playthrough. Additionally, New Game+ grants players the +25% Bonus Experience, 200,000 Credits, and 50,000 of each Resource. Note that players will need to complete the missions Awakening and Freedom’s Progress to reacquire their armor and weapons, respectively.

  Mass Effect 2 Sentinel Tech Armor

  In theory, it’s possible to complete an Insanity run in Mass Effect 2 using any class. However, some are much better suited than others. The two most successful classes tend to be Soldier and Sentinel.


  Soldiers can use any weapons type other than submachine guns and are the only class with access to all three basic Ammo Powers: Disruptor Ammo, Incendiary Ammo, and Cryo Ammo. Combine those with the Warp Ammo Bonus Power, and Soldiers have an effective counter to every enemy type. However, the Soldier’s most useful ability is Adrenaline Rush, which increases weapon damage and slows time. The player will want to max out Adrenaline Rush as soon as possible.

  Sentinels are similarly versatile, having both tech and biotic abilities. Like Soldiers, they have at least one Power that is effective against every type of enemy. However, their greatest advantage is their Tech Armor. This ability strengthens Shepard’s shields, restores their shields when activated, and remains active until destroyed. This dramatically boosts the Sentinel’s survivability in combat. Tech armor also releases a damaging shockwave when destroyed, making it effective against close-range enemies like Husks and Krogan.


  Shepard unlocks a New Bonus power for each Loyalty Mission the player completes. Shepard can only have one at a time and selects one by spending 5,000 Element Zero for Advanced Training at the Normandy’s upgrade station. Jack’s Warp Ammo is the most useful, so players will want to complete her Loyalty Mission as soon as it becomes available. It increases all weapons damage by 35% at rank three and deals bonus damage to enemy Barriers. Evolve it to Heavy Warp Ammo at rank four to unlock a 50% boost to all weapons damage.

  Mass Effect 2 Shepard and Squad

  While Shepard can leave their squadmates to their own devices on lower difficulties, players need to micromanage them on Insanity. Tell them who to shoot, where to stand, and what Powers to use. If playing as a Soldier, try to have them funnel the enemies into Shepard’s sights. Prioritize upping their damage over health, and don’t be stingy with the revives.


  When it comes to squad selection, choose teammates that best counter the enemy faction. The Blue Suns rely heavily on Shields, so take party members with the Overload ability. Eclipse mercenaries use Mechs and Biotics, so Biotic and Tech-focused party members are helpful. Incinerate and Incendiary ammo are both critical when fighting the Blood Pack. And finally, crowd control is a top priority when fighting Collectors and their hordes of Husks.

  The following are some additional tips that will benefit most Insanity runs in Mass Effect 2.

  Stay behind cover.Don’t be stingy with Medi-gel.Spend a lot of time scanning for Resources.Make damage and Medi-gel upgrades a priority.Buy and unlock as many upgrades as possible.Use the Power Wheel to pause combat and look around.Quicksave constantly.Maximize use of Charm/Intimidate options to avoid combat.Maximize the use of Interrupts.


  Mass Effect 2 is included in the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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