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[windbound release date]Windbound tells you to get (ship) rekt and survive on vast islands


  Lots of people fantasize about just disappearing to some remote destination and leaving all their worldly obligations behind. Windbound from developer 5 Lives Studios and publisher Deep Silver won’t give you a choice in the matter though, as you are shipwrecked on an island and must survive amid its open-world role-playing gameplay. The title launches on Aug. 28 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, so at least you have time to prepare. A formal announcement trailer shows off an attractive, if somewhat commonplace at this point, visual style.

  The protagonist of Windbound, Kara, must live off the land in all respects, crafting tools and weapons to get by. While doing that, she’ll also discover the history of the Forbidden Islands, because I guess every video game in a semi-tropical setting needs to have some sort of tribal mystery to unravel. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the game is how you get to customize your own sailing vessel to get around, which must withstand strong waves and sea beasts.

  Despite the approaching release date, Windbound doesn’t have a ton of concrete details beyond this. I’m honestly a bit lukewarm on all of it, but 5 Lives Studios and Deep Silver seem to have all the right parts in place for this project. Are you more intrigued by Windbound?

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