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[windbound game]Windbound’s Rise of the Forsaken DLC Brings New Challenge Towers, Enemies, and More


  Windbound receives free downloadable content and an update that bring a bevy of fresh content as well as gameplay improvements.

  By Jonathan Ammerman

  Published Feb 27, 2021


  windbound free dlc february 2021

  Windbound?is?receiving free downloadable content and a big update that brings loads of content and gameplay improvements to the sailing survival game. Developer?5 Lives Studios has worked to build upon Windbound since it launched last August, and this free DLC is evidence of that.

  Windbound released to average review scores?last year, so the new content and gameplay adjustments are important to improve upon the game.?The highlight of the DLC is the addition of new Forsaken enemies and The Loathing; an undead enemy that is corrupting wildlife. These creatures will mix up the gameplay and give players new variety to encounter.


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  To help in taking those enemies down, the game’s protagonist Kara has a series of new combat moves including a parry, a dodge, and a lunge.?Publisher Deep Silver released a long video showcasing the Rise of the Forsaken gameplay a couple of days ago, much of it highlights Kara’s new moves.

  Kara may also encounter new Challange Towers during the game. These towers ask Kara to complete puzzles or cleanse herself of the Loathing. Kara also has new items for her arsenal that she has to craft as per usual. These items include a Spectral Spear, a Cleansing Cordial, and more.


  All of these continual upgrades and changes should help Windbound improve. Perhaps the game has some room to grow to be one of the better survival video games out there, but the experience seems stronger than it was at launch. The developer has continued to make improvements on an ongoing basis.

  Windbound?is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch, and Xbox One.

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