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[mega construx call of duty]Two Halo Infinite Characters Leaked Early | Game Rant


  After a recent rumor revealed Spartan Griffin early, a new leak reveals the look of that character and another unannounced Spartan for Halo Infinite.

  By Derek Nichols

  Published Apr 05, 2021


  Halo infinite monarch coating

  After a disappointing 2020, Halo Infinite has slowly been reclaiming fan excitement thanks to periodic updates from the dev team at 343 Industries. The extra time following the Halo Infinite delay has seemingly been exactly what the studio needed as recent updates have revealed new features like Day/Night cycles that impact gameplay, dynamic weather, better visuals, and much more. While a release date is still unknown, new gameplay details have started to leak a bit early.

  Last month,?Halo Infinite fans?may have come across a new potential leak from actor Verlon Roberts. In a podcast appearance, Roberts accidentally revealed that he had not only been working on Halo Infinite, but his character was a Spartan named Griffin. What’s more, Spartan Griffin is a character that interacts with Master Chief after Roberts revealed that he recorded a number of scenes with Chief’s actor at the studio. Following up on that reveal, fans now have even more evidence as to what Griffin looks like, but another previously unknown Spartan.

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  Halo infinite monarch coating

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  The latest leak comes from the toy company Mega Construx, who has worked with Microsoft in the past to produce various Halo figures and sets. The latest Halo Infinite toy line was found by Mega Construx News and reveals the previously mentioned Spartan Griffin. While the figure is created in the Mega Construx style, fans will see that Griffin dons a purple set of Mark VII armor and is equipped with a Needler.

  Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 14 is slowly leaking! So far we only got two figures so far, which is Spartan Trailblazer (Spartan Stone?) and Spartan Mark VII (Spartan Griffin?)

  Ctedit: Target and thanks to travisz7963 for the information.

  — Mega Construx News (@megabloksnews) February 4, 2021

  The other character reveal is Spartan Stone, an individual which has so far gone unannounced in any capacity. Known as Spartan Trailblazer on the box, Stone is wearing all white armor and comes with an SMG weapon. It’s possible the toys were intended to be revealed alongside an announcement or trailer of some sort, so fans may want to pay attention to the next Halo Infinite news as it’s possible these two will be shown off in some capacity.


  As fans continue to wait for any new information, many were seemingly the target of an April Fools prank last week when rumors began circulating that another delay had hit the anticipated title. The official Halo account was quick to debunk the rumors, so Halo Infinite still appears to be set on a 2021 launch. While Microsoft isn’t giving an exact release window, the Spartan Griffin actor once again let slip that Halo Infinite is targeting a November launch, which shouldn’t be too surprising for longtime Halo fans as that’s typically the month new games in the franchise arrive.

  Halo Infinite?will launch fall 2021 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.


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