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Love n War: Warlord by Chance fun love game introduction and game experience


This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work:General Mature Content.This base game is not included in any nudity content.All characters are over 18 years old.

Chance” is a “beautiful girl + strategy + RPG” game. Born in troubled times, you are destined to become the dominant warlord! You have to build an economic system to ensure domestic stability; at the same time, you have to upgrade combat units, recruit beautiful and good-looking women generals, and fight with them against foreign enemies! Of course, every beautiful girl will have a wave with you ♥ Man ♥ Jia ♥ Fate~ Take up arms and fight the world with the girl, my lord!

Love n War: Warlord by Chance

One day, you wander aimlessly on the street as usual. Suddenly, a beautiful and charming female general came to you and told you an amazing news: The biological father you never met is the dominant warlord, and now he wants you to return to him quickly and inherit His position as a warlord! It’s just that what is waiting for you is not the glory and wealth, but the threat from the northern empire! They are fighting everywhere, frantically expanding their territory, and the next target is your father’s territory! The enemy is currently, you must find more brave and capable female warriors, fight side by side with them, and fight back the evil empire together!

Love n War: Warlord by Chance

This game is about you suddenly discover that your father is very powerful, you directly inherited your father’s prestige and begin to dominate the world. But you find that you didn’t have a harem when you ruled the world, so you started to rob civilian girls directly. Every time you defeat a warlord, you will directly hand them over to NTR. Their wives became yours, and the faces of these women changed drastically. It is faster than G Fat discount. In the last second, I was still loyal to the Suffering Lord, showing kindness and loving cultivation, and in the next second, I directly handed the Suffering Lord to your bed, leaked the approval, and asked you to hurry up. You don’t want to fuck, you can’t do it, these girls must let you fuck, I’m too tm buddha. However, the protagonist hits people again and again, and NTR, he will not let you NTR at all. All the enemies who come are women, and they will fight to win the harem. If you are defeated, you will be slapped twice. The more you fight back, the more provocative stunners. If you don’t want to fuck, you must send a batch to let you go. When you fuck all this, the game is over. Is this reasonable? This is reasonable