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[Mega Man Zero Collection]Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection: Every Secret Link Boss (& How to Unlock Them)


  Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection has a special mode called Link Mode that access special bosses. This guide will show how to unlock Link Mode for these bosses.

  By Brian Martin

  Published Feb 27, 2020


  Mega Man Zero ZX Legacy Collection

  Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is a new game that collects seven Mega Man games for newbies and long-time fans to relive the Zero franchise. The collection lets players play through seven different games and get a feel for what they brought to the Mega Man series. There are very prestigious features to behold, yet there are secrets even certain players have yet to figure out.

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  One exciting feature is the ability to fight secret link bosses when playing through the collection’s games. Here is a guide to the secret link bosses and?how to unlock them in?Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection.


  Mega Man Zero ZX Legacy Collection Bonus Cards

  First, players must access Link Mode by going to?the main menu. What players do next when the start screen is up, press the corresponding buttons depending on the console(s) they own: triangle on PlayStation 4, X on?Nintendo Switch and Y on Xbox One/PC.

  What this feature does is allow players to?fight against the Mutos Reploids from Mega Man Zero 3 and 4. Players should think of these as special boss battles they can do outside the main story of Mega Man ZX, since that is where this new mode can be utilized. This mode acts as a throwback to the original?Mega Man ZX?on the Nintendo DS’s Dual Link Mode, where players would have?Mega Man Zero 3?or 4 in the GameBoy slot and use ZX’s Link Mode to play against bosses from that particular?game.


  These types of boss battles are completely optional. All the players need to do is?play Mega Man ZX to partake in these special boss fights. The boss fights themselves will depend on which game players decide to link.

  Mega Man Zero ZX Legacy Collection Blazin’ Flizard

  If players decide to link Mega Man Zero 3, they will be able to play against four bosses: Blazin’ Flizard, Childre Inarabitta,?Deathtanz Mantisk, and?Devilbat Schilt. Each boss will have their own set of?powers players will need to figure out.

  Blazin’ Flizard is a lizard-like robot that can jump and fire flame orbs in many directions. Players can best beat this character by keeping their distance and blasting him with their cannon. This will ensure players can take down this lizard-like foe while hopefully not sustaining too much damage themselves.


  Mega Man Zero ZX Legacy Collection Childre Inarabitta

  Childre Inarabitta acts like a bunny; he can hop and jump between walls, even being able to get so high up then doing a downward?drill attack. Outside of his aerial attacks, he can also launch missile projectiles and unleash an energy blade attack.

  For?Inarabitta, players should best anticipate where the creature will strike next by paying attention to his wall jumps. These jumps are a good indicator of where the boss will do his drill attack or dropping bombs.

  Mega Man Zero ZX Legacy Collection Deathtanz Mantisk

  This mantis-like robot is a menacing insect.?Deathtanz Mantisk has the ability to launch his mantis arms at players and then calling them back to him. Additionally, he can hop on walls and launch a spinning mantis arm attack that targets the player on the ground and a rock throw attack where?he shoots up at the ceiling to bring down a rock that?he can slice up and launch the different pieces at the player.


  Like?Childre Inarabitta, players should attention to where?Deathtanz Mantisk jumps and lands. This will be a good indicator of the direction?the attacks will go. It is best to jump as often as possible since these aim at the ground.

  Mega Man Zero ZX Legacy Collection Devilbat Schilt

  As his name suggests,?Devilbat Schilt is a bat that brings trouble. Unlike the other bosses from?Zero 3, Devilbat?Schilt is a character that primarily fights from the air. He can launch energy attacks from the air at the player, and can also land and do ground attacks in the form of energy balls.

  Since this character is aerial-based and can move at superspeed, players will have to be extra careful in predicting and evading?Devilbat Schilt’s attacks. Because players are hindered due to their inability to fly, their best bet is to keep moving in order to evade and intercept?Devilbat Schilt.


  Mega Man Zero ZX Legacy Collection Noble Mandrago

  If players decide to link Mega Man Zero 4, they will be able to play against four bosses from that game: Noble Mandrago,?Pegasolta Eclair,?Fenri Lunaedge, and?Sol Titanion.?Noble Mandrago knows how to get underneath and above her opponents…literally. She has the ability to drill holes for her to crawl into, whether on the ground or in the ceiling.

  Players must be wary because Mandrago has the ability to have both the high and low grounds to overpower her opponents. She can go from the ground to the ceiling in no time. Players must also be cautious with her ability to become a spinner that could do serious damage on the ground floor.


  Mega Man Zero ZX Legacy Collection Pegasolta Eclair

  Pegasolta Eclair truly is the perfect robotic representation of the pegasus. He is an airborne boss that knows how to hit his opponent from afar. His boss fight is also dangerous because the stage is literally only on floating platforms.

  Eclair knows how to hit his mark despite fighting in the air. Players must avoid his energy beams to prevent significant damage. He is, however, not afraid to launch a dive attack to his opponents, so players must be on the look when he launches toward the ground.

  Mega Man Zero ZX Legacy Collection Fenri Lunaedge

  Fenri Lunaedge is truly an ice wolf. He has the ability to create ice clones of himself that can attack the player in sync with him. Players should be on the lookout for when Lunaedge creates his ice selves because they will help this boss do serious damage.


  Additionally, Lunaedge can also do a spinning ball-like attack where he rolls between both sides of the battlefield. Players should work to avoid the roll while attacking from a distance.

  Mega Man Zero ZX Legacy Collection Sol Titanion

  Sol Titanion is a?fairy-like robot that harmoniously launches aerial attacks. One of the attacks includes throwing flaming spinners that spin around the battlefield trying to damage players. She can also throw a giant energy orb and do major damage if players do not avoid in time.

  She is also not afraid of going up and down to get to her opponents. Titanion can bounce from left to right and plant ground explosives that can damage players. Players must be extra evasive since Titanion’s ground mines can do wide-range damage.


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  Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and?PC.


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