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[Slipways]Educational campaign for more prudent behaviour at sea launched



  Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg launched an educational campaign entitled ‘Il-Ba?ar Ingawduh Flimkien’, by Transport Malta with the aim of pushing towards more responsibility and prudent behaviour at sea during the summer months.

  Minister Ian Borg said that while it is important to promote tolerant behaviour and respect on roads, respect at sea is as equally important. “Education in a vacuum is not enough and it is the duty and responsibility of each and every citizen to make wise choices and decisions during these summer months, to keep the sea environment safe”, the minister said.


  The minister thanked Transport Malta and other directorates for doing their best to make our seas safer and thanked all workers ensuring a safer sea environment. The minister said that the government is committed to working at every level to increase security.

  This year’s campaign, ‘Il-Ba?ar Ingawduh Flimkien’, focuses on four main points.

  The first is for people not to swim close to slipways and to not block access for boats. “Slipways should only be used for boat launching and no one should block slipway access. Vehicles such as trailers must be removed upon vessel launching completion. Swimmers are being asked not to swim near the slipways for the sake of their health and safety and not to close access for boats.

  The second is for people to respect the limitations of boats. “Do not create danger. Larger boats can pose a danger to smaller boats. More respect is being demanded at sea, especially in cases when larger boats are at an approaching distance to smaller boats. Everyone must respect the limitations of nearby boats so as not to create danger.”

  The third is for motorboats not to obstruct sailing boats or fishing boats. “Everyone should be careful and always maintain the appropriate distance and speed at all times in accordance with the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea.

  The fourth is not to litter. “It is requested that no waste be left on the beach and nothing be thrown into the sea. It is requested that food and drink waste be taken home and disposed of in the provided waste containers. This must be done in order to conserve sea species and the sea environment.”