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[WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010]WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 Nerd Alert


  This year has been weird. Usually THQ announces the new SmackDown game at WrestleMania and leaks out information for the next seven or so months. This year, we’re about a week from launch and we known oh so little.

  There’s been a little bit about WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 here and there, but the nitty-gritty details haven’t come to light. Until now.

  THQ kicked IGN a bunch of information breaking down all the under the hood stuff you won’t get to oooh and aaah over until your get the game in your hands or start watching shakey-cam footage on the Interwebs.

  Ready to take a deep dive into moves, grapples, leveling-up your created Superstar and so much more? Read on…



  Creating the next Great One.

  Making your created Superstar be all that he or she can be is going to be a bit different this year. Instead of assigning points or having to take a character through some specific mode, you’re going to be earning points and unlocking “new special abilities” in everything that you do. Jump into the Road to WrestleMania for your Create-a-Superstar (CAS), a Royal Rumble, or just a plain ol’ exhibition match and you’ll be leveling-up your character in his or her eight attributes — Grapple, Strikes, Submissions, Durability, Technical, Speed, Charisma, and Hardcore. These are based on what you do in the matches of course, so either stick with your normal strategy to make the character how you want or try and make a well-rounded Superstar/Diva. On top of that, there are 21 abilities for you to unlock so that you can assign six to your character. Want to see them?

  Have you played WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010?

  SVR 2010 Abilities

  Dirty Pin Evasive Dodge Lock Pick Referee Shield Move Thief Taunt Thief Hammer Throw Object Specialist Resiliency Durability Hardcore Resurrection Kip-Up Fan Favorite Outside Dives Springboard Dives Possum Pin Fired Up Ring Escape Exploder Turnbuckle Attack Pull-Back Attacks Strong Strike

  Grappler? I barely knew her.

  In the past, you’ve only been able to perform two strong grapple holds, but in SVR ’10 you’re going to be able to do four. You can go Collar & Elbow, Side Headlock, Rear Waist Lock, or Wrist Lock. Even cooler is that you’re going to be able to manually transition between these holds. Just hold the Right Bumper/R1 and move the right analog stick in the right direction and your wrestler will follow suit. Plus, you’ll be able to do four moves out of each hold, so get nuts with your 16 moves kids.

  Be a man and get on the apron.

  You can get on the apron this year and hang out, but you can also get out there and pull off a bunch of “offensive and defensive” moves. I have no idea what these moves are, but THQ describes them as “a wide variety of athletic and acrobatic moves sure to please all those in attendance. From jaw dropping high-flying maneuvers to brutal slams onto the surrounding ring floor,” so look forward to that.

  Hit it from the side.

  Sure, you’ve had fun wailing on opponents from the head and feet for years, but this year, THQ’s tossed a new position into the mix. In 2010, you’re going to be able to step to the side of an opponent and pull off a move. These will be different grapple attacks based on whether your foe is face up or face down.



  Bleed like Flair.

  If you’ve been reading my previews here on IGN, you already know that chopping a player’s chest is going to cause it to get all red and irritated, but how much do you know about blood? If you bust an opponent open, you’re going to see “all-new blood texturing” as well as their blood rubbing off onto you. Haven’t you always dreamed of being covered in someone else’s blood? Your fantasy is a reality, freak!

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