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[super mario galaxy 2]The Super Mario Galaxy 2 Mystery That Remains Unsolved Today


  With no official word available on what the Hell?Valley Sky Trees actually are, fan theories abound. Some think they are some version of Shroobs?intended to foreshadow a game development that hasn’t happened yet.?Some gamers point to?a snippet of a letter sent to Luma?that reads:?”There are many kindhearted people out there watching you.” Is this a reference to the Hell Valley Sky Trees?

  One fan, speculating on a Nintendo Life forum thread, believes that the objective of that Super Mario Galaxy 2 level changed. When that happened, the developers simply hid the original references to the goal instead of taking it out completely.

  Another interesting theory from Geek Remix?points out that Hell?Valley is the Americanized translation of the name of a real-life Japanese park that features geothermal vents and plenty of snow. The channel claims this could be the inspiration for the Shiverburn Galaxy.?Meanwhile, the Sky Trees themselves could be either representations of the monkeys that live in the real Hell Valley, or representations of Kodama, Japanese tree spirits (like the ones seen in Princess Mononoke).

  Although there’s no way of verifying these ideas, they are certainly fun to think about. Maybe one of them will even turn out to be true someday.