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[soul calibur guest characters]Soul Calibur: Every Guest Star In The Series, Ranked


  By TG Staff

  Published Oct 03, 2019


  The guest stars in the Soul Calibur series create epic fantasy battles that bring different worlds together. We’re ranking the best guest stars.


  The Soul Calibur series is one of the most enjoyable battle-based franchises in gaming history, providing hours of endless fun to those who have played it. Anyone who has played it knows that the franchise often brings in guest stars. While there is always a steady mainstay roster who has been part of the franchise from the beginning, it’s the guest stars that gamers really get excited, creating fantasy battles that bring a variety of different worlds together.

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  Of course, not every single guest character can be a hit, but the vast majority have gone down incredibly well. We’ll be ranking those guest stars from worst to best.



  You would think that arguably the most powerful Jedi in the history of the Star Wars franchise would be incredibly fun to play and while he certainly was, that doesn’t mean he was one of the best guest characters.

  Yoda was part of the Xbox 360 game, Soul Calibur IV, and it was his size that produced the most issues, with his smaller size meaning many of the more powerful attacks would go over his head due to his stature. However, Yoda was incredibly fast and could bounce all over during a fight, making him difficult to hit and allowing gamers to create a fairly unique move set, which was fun to play.


  Seeing the Tekken and Soul Calibur worlds collide was an interesting one as Heihachi Mishima was brought in as a guest star for the PS2 version of Soul Calibur 2, as the “Sony choice” of a guest star. Being well known for his fighting ability from the Tekken world, the expectations were actually quite high for this character, but his punching abilities weren’t quite as exciting as what other guest characters would bring to the table.

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  The fact he had no weapons meant many players ended up wanting to use other characters who were more unique and had more advanced and exciting ways of attacking people, so while it was fun to see him in the game, it wasn’t the greatest, either.



  KOS-MOS isn’t one of the biggest guest characters in?Soul Calibur, but anyone who played Xenosaga certainly appreciated the character being added to Soul Calibur III.

  The character was an interesting addition, as KOS-MOS was essentially brought in to show the character-creation system, with gamers being able to make her into whatever crazy thing they wanted. Whether you turned her into a crazy fighter or left the template that came with the game, she was fun to play as, with the ability to use any weapon or any fighting style allowing gamers to really get creative.

  geralt weilding a sword

  Those in charge of Soul Calibur are always clever in selecting current and popular characters to guest star in the video games, plucking characters from very popular franchises, which is exactly what happened when Geralt was brought in. The most recent guest star to appear in the Soul Calibur world, moving from The Witcher series, which has taken the gaming world by storm in recent years, this was always going to be a well-received move.

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  Geralt has a variety of ways to attack an opponent, from his sword to his signs from flame attacks to being able to shield himself or set up traps to command his opponents, there is a lot to learn with Geralt and its a ton of fun to do.



  So far to this point three Star Wars characters have been used in Soul Calibur over the years, and out of that trio, Starkiller is certainly the least well known amongst casual gamers, which made him less of an exciting addition to Soul Calibur IV.

  Fans have become accustomed to some big names over the years, but anybody who has played the Force Unleashed video games will know how fun Galen Marek’s character is, portraying Darth Vader’s apprentice in that game. A chance was taken on him by the Soul Calibur team and it certainly paid off, with this being a very fun character that was great to play as, with his force lightning being a particular highlight for many.


  This was a huge get for the Soul Calibur franchise, bringing in Ezio, who at the time was part of the hottest games around in the Assassin’s Creed series, and he was brought into action for Soul Calibur V.?That is still regarded as the greatest version of the game, and that’s definitely thanks to the brilliant guest stars. Ezio was thrilling to play as, with his fighting style being incredibly unique and fun to control.

  With a wide arsenal of weapons by his side, you could easily get creative with Ezio and simply seeing him in a brand new environment was something that made this exciting to play.



  Soul Calibur has always enjoyed bringing characters from the Star Wars franchise into the game, so when Darth Vader was put into Soul Calibur IV as a PS3 exclusive, fans were incredibly excited.

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  As one of the most powerful and evil movie villains in history, gamers were excited to see how he would be in the game and, of course, he was certainly powerful with his lightsaber proving to be an incredibly effective weapon. While his saber work and big kicks were expected, the game decided to throw in some agile moves for Vader as well, with the sith lord being able to hit a flip as well, which made him a whole lot of fun to be.


  When you think about ideal characters you would love in a game like Soul Calibur, Kratos is certainly one of them, with the God of War character being one of the most badass fighters in the history of gaming. Kratos was part of the Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny game which was exclusive on the PlayStation Portable, hence why a Sony character was brought in as the guest for that particular game.

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  Kratos is obviously a very violent character, and Soul Calibur didn’t take that trait away from him, having a very vicious and aggressive fighting style that made him a lot of fun to play as.



  Spawn was a guest character for the Xbox version of Soul Calibur 2. His storyline is?that he was sent back in time by his master in order to retrieve the Soul Edge to take back to the demon Malebolgia. Outside the awesome backstory and his incredible design, Spawn was incredible fun, with his powers making him one of the stronger guest characters in the history of the game, especially in terms of close combat.

  His cape bring used as a weapon was something that was incredibly difficult to deal with if you were against him, and was equally a weapon many were keen to use when playing as him.


  Anytime you are able to bring a character as popular as Link into any game, fans of the character are going to be happy. That was the case with Soul Calibur 2, and thankfully they knocked it out of the park. Not only did he help with the game’s sales, with the GameCube version having greater sales than the Xbox and PlayStation 2 (with each console having its own special guest), he was also a whole lot of fun to play as.

  With his classic sword in hand, Link was able to battle well with any character that was on the game, making him not only fun to play in a different environment to his own world, but also effective as well.

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