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[best online income source]Citi Singapore raises over $150,000 for ChildAid despite Covid-19 restrictions on physical events


  SINGAPORE – Despite Covid-19 restrictions on physical events, employees from Citi Singapore have raised more than $150,000 for the youth charity concert ChildAid.

  About 8,500 employees of the bank took part in the company fund-raiser Citi Supports ChildAid 2021, garnering donations through virtual events or physical activities held in line with safe management measures.

  These activities included health and wellness virtual workshops, online cooking classes, performances on social media platform TikTok and a 419km cycling tour, said the bank in a statement on Friday (July 2).

  ChildAid, an annual youth charity concert organised by The Straits Times and The Business Times since 2005, raises funds for needy children from The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (STSPMF) and The Business Times Budding Artists Fund (BTBAF).

  Mr Amol Gupte, Citi’s Asean head and country officer for Singapore, noted the bank has been supporting STSPMF and BTBAF since 2002.

  ”We recognise the challenges brought upon by the ongoing pandemic and are committed to supporting our clients, staff and groups within our community who are most affected.

  ”It’s precisely for that reason that we also returned the Job Support Scheme funding to the Singapore Government, so that more of those in need can benefit.”

  STSPMF provides students from low-income families with a monthly allowance for school-related expenses such as?meals and transport fares, while BTBAF helps fund arts training for financially disadvantaged youths with artistic talents.

  Since 2002, Citi has raised about $6.7 million for the two funds.

  Said Mr Helmi Yusof, co-chair of ChildAid 2021: “Citi’s donations over the years have helped over 180,000 financially disadvantaged children pay for lunch, take transport to and from school, and pursue different art forms.”

  ”As the parents of our beneficiaries try their best to cope with the economic fallout of the pandemic, Citi’s tremendous generosity has been a blessing for many of these families.”


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