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[yakuza: dead souls]Yakuza Producer Would Like to Remaster RGG Studios 2012 Shooter Binary Domain |


  Since its release in 2012, we’ve championed Binary Domain as a very good sci-fi shooter that deserved much better. A one-off shooter foray for Yakuza developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, Binary Domain had some fantastic ideas, as well as compelling and enjoyable shooter mechanics. We’d hoped for a sequel, but a potential remaster could also be an interesting prospect.

  Apparently, producer Daisuke Sato would fancy remastering the third-person shooter that released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and currently enjoys something of a cult following. “Personally, I’d really like to (laughs),” Sato told French site GameBlog (via VGC) when asked about whether he’d like to revisit Binary Domain. However, it would be more than a straight up port, with Sato wishing to make some alterations.

  “If possible, I’d like to make a few changes that I didn’t quite get to back then and maybe redo some parts, too,” he explained, before reiterating his desire to also bring Yakuza Kenzan and Ishin to a western audience.

  ”Even long before Ghost of Tsushima, I did want to release samurai games like Kenzan and Ishin in the West,” he added. “Unfortunately, after Yakuza 0, we were very busy with remastering the numbering Yakuza titles for the PS4, so we missed the opportunity to work on some of these other games.

  ”However, if anything, Ghost of Tsushima has helped Western gamers become more interested in samurai, so I should think of it as now is a more opportune time to release these titles.”

  Sato also expressed a desire to explore other genres following its dalliance with third-person shooters in Binary Domain and Yakuza: Dead Souls, and with the turn-based RPG in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

  “I think for the most part, we’ll keep to the genre that we’re good at. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll only make action adventure games, and we’ll make decisions based on what genre best fits the game we’re developing,” he went on. “TPS was also the genre that best matched Binary Domain. For RGG Studio, the dramatic story is at the centre of everything, so the genre is then created to best match how that story flows.”

  Yakuza 6: The Song of Life launched for Xbox One via Xbox Game Pass yesterday, and the studio’s Yakuza spin-off, Judgment, will also be arriving for Xbox on 23rd April.