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[ios games download]Older Final Fantasy Android and iOS Games Will Be Delisted


  Square Enix announced another round of soon to be delisted Final Fantasy games, and this time its for Android and iOS versions. It cited the upcoming Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series of games, which will include FFI, FFII, FFIII, FFIV, FFV, and FFVI, as the reason for it being pulled. The titles for the games changed on both the App Store and Google Play to add (Old Ver.) to them. A cut-off date for sales hasn’t been announced and they still seem to be available to purchase on June 30, 2021.

  Here’s an example of the message appearing on the App Store product pages. It notes people who already own the games will still be able to play and download them. As a reminder, the PC versions of FFV and FFVI will be delisted on July 27, 2021.

  Due to the release of the pixelated remaster of “FINAL FANTASY,” this application will no longer be available for purchase.

  Those who purchase this version of the game before it is discontinued may continue to play and/or redownload the app.

  Please note that should the user decide to switch devices or operating systems, they are no longer guaranteed to be able to play the game.

  We appreciate your understanding.

  Here are links to all of the Android and iOS Final Fantasy games that are about to be delisted.

  Final Fantasy: Android/iOS – $7.99Final Fantasy II: Android/iOS – $7.99Final Fantasy V: Android/iOS – $14.99Final Fantasy VI: Android/iOS – $14.99

  The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster versions of FFI, FFII, and FFIII will debut on July 28, 2021.