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Mini game “Escape from Fornication”

Escape from Fornication

Although Marianne was imprisoned in a fornication prison, she managed to escape from the prison while the guards were not aware of it.
However, the dark passage is very complicated, and there are a lot of obscene traps that hinder her from moving forward.
In the end, can Marianne escape the maze without incident?

This is a mini-game that uses a 3D dungeon style channel to avoid pornographic traps while advancing.
Although the protagonist will advance automatically, there will be a lot of traps in the passage that will attack her.
If you click in the direction of the light, or click on the right time, you can avoid the trap.

Moreover, because there will be different options in the middle, please choose a better option and guide Marianne to move forward.

Escape from Fornication

If the trap avoidance fails or the wrong option is selected, Marianne will be ravaged by an obscene trap.
Various abnormal conditions are imposed, increasing the lust value.

In addition, there will be hunters chasing Marianne on the way.
If you don’t hurry up to find a place to hide and escape from the pursuers, Marianne will be caught and forcibly assaulted.

As a result, can Marianne avoid all kinds of traps and escape from fornication without incident?