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Virtual Girlfriend Revenge TOGETHER BnB R18+


Your protagonist, James, is forced to take over the job of managing the homestay because of the strange disappearance of his brother who runs BnB.


In addition to finding my brother through various clues, as an agent landlord, I also need to assist several other beautiful tenants, meet their needs, and help them fulfill their purpose of coming here…

Through the development of the plot, in the game, gradually cultivate a sense of trust with the female tenants, and then gradually develop deeper and deeper intimate romantic relationships, but the hidden crisis behind also gradually emerges with the plot… .
Game features:

Complete, interesting, and unexpected plot.
Exquisite full 3D characters, using the motion capture system to produce vivid and delicate expressions.
Multiple dialogue options and text messaging system cultivate relationships with girls.
Realistic natural environment, well-designed full 3D open world.
Dynamic day and night and climate change.
Fight against the beasts in the forest and get money to buy items.
Tasting wine with the tenants to see how good their wine is?
Dress up the tenants and take the photos you want for them.