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[sexy kissing games]The game of kiss – Spice up your Foreplay with Kissing games



  There’s nothing like a kiss to make you feel giddy, loved, and sexy. Whether you’re in a monogamous relationship or not, these kissing games will serve as hot and heavy foreplay, a first step toward your married-sex makeover, or a sweet excuse to smooch your crush.

  Looking forward to spice up things in your bedroom? Well, for many, the way to go about it begins with kissing. Expressing your love to your SO through kisses, especially the ones they like, can be a real turn on. Kissing is an intergral part of sex and relationship, and when it is about igniting the passion, trust kissing to set everything right. After all, we all kiss and make-up, right? Here are some kissing games you might want to indulge in to up your kissing game a notch higher than usual:


  This can turn exciting as it will give you an opportunity to test what works for your partner and what doesn’t. You can add a little spunk to it by blindfolding your partner so that it leaves them clueless, and raises the temperature. Start with dropping gentle and tender pecks near the ears (screams erogenous!!!), the nose, collar bone, nape and slowly cover areas you would like to explore. After every kiss, ask your partner to rate it on a scale of 10. Voila! You know exactly what gets them high and what doesn’t


  If you’re both movie buffs, recreating your favorite kissing scenes from films makes for a sexy and fun night. Whether you feel inspired by the steamy refrigerator foreplay from 9 1/2 Weeks or the super-sexy smooch in Cruel Intentions, Dr. Laura Deitsch, a licensed clinical counselor and resident sexologist at Be Vibrant, recommends choosing a few scenes in advance and performing them for your partner. Your partner has to guess the movie before you switch turns.


  Choose a hot spot on your body (one that you love to have kissed) and build anticipation by disallowing contact with that area for a set amount of time (a few minutes or a full day), suggests O’Reilly. Have your lover tease all around the area with their warm breath and tongue, but let the deprivation enhance pleasure until the game ends so that the kisses are even more pleasurable when they finally arrive.


  According to O’Reilley, research suggests that dopamine levels are higher when you’re anticipating a reward than when you actually receive it, which is why this game is just so darn sexy.

  ”Blindfold your lover and have them point at a few spots on their body that they’d like you to kiss,” O’Reilly says. “Choose one and tease around the area first to build anticipation. The takeaway is that giving your partner exactly what they want may be less pleasurable than teasing, building tension, and alluding to pleasure.”


  As you kiss, you not only exchange energy and saliva, but a spike in dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with reward and pleasure, which can create a natural high. O’Reilly recommends prolonging the euphoria by pressing your lips passionately into his, resting your tongue inside of his mouth without moving. Breathe deeply through your nose as your pupils dilate and the blood rushes to the surface of your skin.


  Take some time out and plan your evening well in advance. Make it steamy by labelling your dices exactly where you would want to kiss or get kissed! Or, you may label them with kissing techniques you want to explore like the French, eskimo or a butterfly kiss! This will send yours and your partner’s sensations up north.


  Dig candies and chocolates so much that you want to incorporate it in your foreplay regime without dirtying the sheets? Hold on to that thought! You can now include chocolates and candies in a raunchy candy kiss game where you can place the chocolate in your mouth and pass it to your partner indulging in a steamy, chocolaty kissing after that! You can also try strawberries, grapes or cupcakes. You may wonder since when did sharing and caring become so hot?!


  You might have a fantasy about recreating a favourite lovemaking scene from a movie you just watched! This is the time you might want to bring that to reality. List down movies you loved for their amazing lovemaking or make out scenes and understand which ones can be recreated. Sit down with your partner and organically begin the game by initiating first – The Notebook Kiss or The Casablanca Kiss! There are more chances of you ending up recreating that more passionately than they did!

  Go on, bring your kiss game on!