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[Nitro nation online]Nitro + 20th Anniversary Hand Tour Blooming Astolia Open Service in March


  Nitro + and GSC cooperation launched mobile games “Osa Tria” announced news that will be opened on March 4, 2021.

  ”Blooming Astolia” is a RPG game,Nitro + is responsible for the original case and the main script,Datunage is a main role design.In this game,The player played the misbacked protagonist came to a secret school with the world.The flower season girls learn in this academy to become a “real lady”.The protagonist who has been taken as a teacher,Also began to live with the girls.However, such a happy time is just a fierce battle with men who are about to be called “Knight” .

  Currently,The number of bookings has exceeded 300,000.The number of people reached all rewarded reward activities.The corresponding prize will be issued after the opening of the service.