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[NFL 2K21]Active NFL player announced that the cabinet,And donate $ 100,000 to the LGBTQ + charity


June 21st,NFL Las Vegas raiders players Carl NassiB announced on its Instagram.The 28-year-old young man called himself a “very payable of privacy”,But it finally decided to open his sexual orientation.It is because the stage “representative and popularity is very important”.After Nasseb is open,NFL, raid people club and the official Instagram of Las Vegas blessed.

”I actually hope that one day,No need to come through the form of video,”Nasseb said in his video, “But before that,I hope that I can cultivate a kind of inclusive and sympathetic culture.”

Nasb said,He will donate $ 100,000 to the LGBTQ + Charity Agency Trevor Project,The agency aims to reduce the suicide rate of adolescents.Nasb said The Trevor Project is the first suicide prevention service for American Youth LGBTQ groups.

In addition,The producer of the American drama “Old Friends” this month also said that it will auction 100 theatrical set products,The resulting profits will also be donated to the organization.

Nasuble is Pennsylvanians.He was a member of Pennsylvania University Pacers.2016,Selected by the Cleveland Brown team in the NFL third round.March 2020,Nasseb and the raid team signed a contract for a three-year contract worth $ 25 million.Last season, the raid team was 14 times.5 times started.