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[play ludo and win cash]Be careful while playing Ludo online, may lead to jail


  New Delhi: Nowadays playing ludo or snake ladder has become a favorite job of people for passing time. But keep in mind, the temptation to play Ludo can make you pauper or can even reach behind the prison. This popular game has become a new game of betting. Suddenly you are added to a group of Ludo or snake ladder on Telegram or WhatsApp. Then you think that this is a group of games. But be careful! It can also be the reason for punishment.

  Online Ludo and snake ladder gangs have become active in many parts of the country. The way of such bookies is that first the group administrators add people to the group and then send a link. The group admin then returns a code. Due to which four people of the group stay at different places and play Ludo. The rest bet who will win. The administrator takes a commission from the winner and the money in the bet is distributed among different people according to the win-win situation. Similarly, a link to the snake ladder is also given and a bet is placed on the winner. Thousands of rupees are bet on these games. Keep in mind that if you are caught in a group of bookies, then at any time, the situation of the dispute can be out of control and can also be rife.

  In Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh, this type of gang has been arrested by the police. The police also added their informer to the group to catch this gang, but if the admin suspects, then he could not get success in getting the code. After this, the police laid a trap to trap two of his associates and arrested two more people including the group administrator. Action is being taken under the Gambling Act. In this case, the police is engaged in raiding the remaining members of the group.