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[sexiest game in the world]These are definitively the sexiest footballers of this year’s Euros


  This year’s Euros will finally be kicking off this Friday, after the 2020 tournament was postponed as a result of the Covid pandemic.

  Yet even those who aren’t into the beautiful game should have plenty of reasons to watch, not least of all these beautiful men. From Italian stallions to Norse gods and even some local lads, the Euros brings the sexiest men in Europe right to your telly. You won’t even need to switch over to Love Island for a glimpse at some glistening six-packs this summer.

  So in no particular order, here are the 10 fittest football lads to look out for sprinting across your TV from this week on:

  Olivier Giroud

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  Much like a French Merlot, Giroud seems to only get better with age. Perfectly groomed and somehow always elegant even after sweating buckets, he is the closest thing there is to a French David Beckham.

  Marcos Llorente

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  The Spaniard is exactly the reason we’re begging Boris to put Spain on the green list. One of your friends has almost definitely spent an entire night trying to pull a Marcos Llorente lookalike in Ibiza. And if you somehow manage to pull Llorente himself you’ve secured yourself an early retirement and the WAG lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

  Paul Pogba

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  France are world champions in more than one regard, as their squad is absolutely stacked with stunners. Often the centre of attention Paul Pogba has the bants and charm to match the looks, does he have enough to add the title of sexiest footballer to his collection?

  Ciro Immobile

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  Italy always delivers some of the most handsome footballers and Immobile is just one of several Italian stallions gracing your screens this year.

  No matter how hot it gets you can always count on the Italians to always put fashion first and arrive dressed in the best designer suits. This year the Italy squad’s official suits will be provided by Armani.

  Fabian Sch?r

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  Switzerland are far from favourites and Fabian may be lesser known than some of the other names on the list but he’s deffo a dark horse for the title of ultimate heart-throb at this year’s competition.

  Channelling some classic Swiss diplomacy he’s un-flamboyant and gentle but he shouldn’t go unnoticed because of it. Also if you want to sound like you know more than you do, just say you think: “Fabian Sch?r is the most underrated Swiss centre-back”. Then just hope and pray they don’t ask you to name any other Swiss centre-backs.

  Cristiano Ronaldo

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  It really is unfair on absolutely everyone else. This article very easily could’ve just been 12 different pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo and his chiseled to perfection abs.

  The Portuguese sex icon is the undisputed king of football modelling and will be looking to retain the European crown for Portugal this year. He’s guaranteed to hit the back of the net at least once and that means a fairly good chance he treats us all to yet another topless celebration.

  Raheem Sterling

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  Football could be coming home but just as importantly is the crown of sexiest footballer in Europe?

  Sterling often seems to bear the brunt of the tabloid heat in the England squad, unsurprisingly it tends to follow anytime he dares to speak up on racism. Yet his charisma and soothing voice are surely the key to winning over anyone’s heart.

  Mason Mount

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  Carrying on with another one of England’s own, Mason Mount has a name that is almost too easy for innuendo.

  The clean-shaven starlet of Chelsea, he has the look of every other fit lad you’ve seen at your uni’s five-a-side tournament.

  Timo Werner

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  Another Chelsea player it’s clear there must be a direct link between winning the Champions League and having a team full of the fittest lads about.

  Timo might not be quite as rugged as the Germans we’re used to but he still ticks all the right boxes. Just hope that he doesn’t miss the open goal of dating you.

  Simon Kj?r

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  If you’re looking for something more suitable for addressing your longstanding daddy problems then maybe Simon Kj?r is the answer.

  The 6’3″ Danish giant is everything you’d expect from a Norse god and you’ll be sure to see him towering across penalty boxes everywhere this summer.

  Marcus Rashford

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  He’s not just looks going for him – Marcus Rashford is a true knight in shining armour. Having single-handedly defeated the entire Tory government not once but twice to make sure kids got free school meals, you know he’d be too kind to ever mess you around.

  Have your say below for who you think deserves the crown of sexiest this year’s Euro player:

  Featured image via Instagram @ciroimmobile17 @paulpogba @fabianschaer_official

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