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[rare ps4 console]10 Rarest Sony Consoles Of All Time (& How Much They Cost)


  Sony has put out some amazing custom consoles over the years. These are the rarest and most valuable of them all.

  By Erik Petrovich

  Published Jun 23, 2021


  Rarest Sony Consoles

  Sony first began to delve into the console market in the 90’s and early 2000s, when the iconic debut of the original PlayStation played a?central role in the company’s history.?Sony has since become a household name – the various PlayStation consoles have set numerous sales records over the years.

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  Generally a default version of any Sony console doesn’t cost much, even the original PlayStation can be bought for just a few hundred dollars. Special editions of the PlayStation, as well as one-of-a-kind consoles with limited releases, often sell for much, much higher prices.


  Minecraft Edition PS VIta

  This edition of the PS Vita Slim was included in?a special bundle for the 2014 port of the popular open-world game?Minecraft. The special edition is white with?Minecraft-themed?outlines?of NPCs and items?on the back, and also comes with a carry case.

  The bundle originally sold for $229.99 through Sony, but?it had a limited release which gave collectors a reason to hunt down this rare?Sony console.

  Hatsune Miku PS Vita

  The Hatsune Miku edition of the PS Vita was an extremely limited release and is undoubtedly the rarest version of the PS Vita out there. It’s bulky, white, and features an image of Hatsune Miku on the backside.

  The console was only sold in Japan for a short time in 2009 to commemorate the game Hatsune Miku Project Diva. Since then, it has been sold for prices ranging from $500 to $1000.


  Spider Man PS4 Edition

  The PlayStation 4 is one of the most successful consoles of all time, and the?Spider-Man series is one of the most popular comic book series of all time – a collaboration was inevitable. The special edition?Spider-Man PlayStation 4 was a limited release that featured the?Spider-Man?logo as well as a controller with a unique color scheme.

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  The special edition was only out for a short while, but now collectors will have to pay over $550 for the bundle to get the red and white controller and specialty?Spider-Man PS4.

  The PSX PlayStation Rare Sony Consoles

  The PSX was a very limited console that served as a precursor to modern all-in-one gaming console design. It was essentially a combination of the PlayStation 2 and a DVR which was capable of displaying games and DvDs on the system as well as record footage.

  The PSX was only released in Japan, but it was one of the first to allow players to edit their own footage from games or TV. Picking one up nowadays will set you back at least $900.


  500 million ps4 pro Rare Sony Consoles

  To celebrate the sale of?500 total consoles sold since its inception, Sony released the special edition 500 Million PS4 in 2018. The console has a transparent blue shell with gold inlaid in the PlayStation logo and other gold detailing throughout.

  The console initially sold for $499.99, but it was limited to only 50,000 units worldwide. Since then, they have become collectors items worth around $1000 apiece.

  Biohazard PS3 Rare Sony Consoles

  In Japan, the?Resident Evil series goes by another name:?Biohazard. The special edition PlayStation 3 that was released with?Biohazard 5?(Resident Evil 5 in the west) has since become a rare item both because of its very limited release and the awesome design it comes with.

  ?The console has fine pentagonal detailing that resembles a typical Biohazard symbol, as well as the words” BIOHAZARD” embossed along the top edge. This special edition PS3 costs around $1,100 nowadays, though.


  Sony Gaystation Rare Sony Consoles

  In 2014 the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gat, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Rights (RFSL) put up an auction for a custom-made PlayStation 4 to raise funds for the organization. The PS4 had a pixel-art heart on the side as well as a vertical rainbow pattern, and was dubbed the GayStation by bidders and the media alike.

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  Only one of these was made, and it sold for $4000 following an extremely contentious auction involving more than 180 total bids.


  The 10 Million edition of the original PlayStation was the first in a line of commemorative PlayStations for sales-related milestones. When the original PlayStation hit 10 million sales, Sony released this edition which was marine blue in color with a matching controller and memory card.

  There were only 100 of these consoles made, and Sony gave them away to staff and others rather than selling them. One of these will set you back $5000 dollars nowadays – if you can find one.


  Hitman Briefcase Rare Sony Consoles

  As part of a special promotion for the release of the 2016 game?Hitman,?Square Enix?raffled away a replica version of Agent 47’s briefcase that was a functioning PlayStation 4 as well. The PS4 was intricately detailed and came with a special chrome-and-black PS4 controller.

  Only one of these consoles was ever made, and it hasn’t been sold – yet. Because of its unique nature, it’s likely to fetch a steep, steep price when it does pop up.

  Nintendo Playstation Rare Sony Consoles

  The Nintendo PlayStation is the player-dubbed name of the collaborative console that Sony and Nintendo worked on together before the eventual release of the original PlayStation. It looks almost exactly like a Nintendo 64, but with the Sony logo instead of the Nintendo one.

  Sony and Nintendo worked together on the console until a licensing deal fell through, leading Sony to release the PlayStation later on. Only one is known to exist, and in 2020 it sold for over $300,000 after a high profile auction.

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