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[3 patti cash]Fishing Report For the week of June 8-14


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  Here is the Northern Nevada, Northern California and Sierra fishing report for the week of June 8-14:


  Rick and Patti Apted – Lake Sabrina Boat Landing (760-873-7425) reports:

  Sabrina Lake: Fishing this week was good if you didn’t mind wind or rain – Mother Nature warmed us up just enough so at least it wasn’t snow at Lake Sabrina Boat Landing – although it looks like a bit more of the white stuff on the peaks at the back of the Lake.

  Baits are still working the best – lots of fish spawning at the DingleBerry Inlet – so my guess is salmon eggs might be your best shot.

  The Lake is still low so no boats on the water yet – you’re hoofing it.

  For the best catching, you need to hoof it to the back of the Lake where it is still ‘Fish-on’ with about every cast.

  With the Lake still so low the good shore access remains – (I know you read this before, but some of you never learn) – you’re still walking thru mud, so remember to bring those old shoes and jeans (and maybe an extra pair of both, just in case – that mud tends to be a bit on the slick side).


  DFG still hasn’t been able to stock the Lake due to the low water level, but today Sunday the sun is out! Wooo-Hooo! So nice to see you Mr. Sun!

  North Lake campground is still closed as is the North Lake Road due to snow, but there is a huge beaver pond at the bridge of the North Lake Road. All the other campgrounds are open and ready for your camping experience. The only campground to take reservations is Four Jeffery ( HYPERLINK “” “_blank” and enter Four Jeffrey) all others are first come first serve. There is a full hook-up campground also on the South Lake road, Creekside RV Park.

  Looks like a chance of showers for the next few days, but next weekend just might be . . . . .? – best not say it and ruin the possibility – You can check and enter ASPENDELL, CA on the site and it will give you a fairly good hint at the weather or check in with Howard


  Jared Smith – Parcher’s Resort (760-873-4177) :

  South Lake: Things are finally starting to heat up at South Lake, especially on the Browns. Most anglers are considering the bite on a slow side but things certainly are improving.

  The lake level has come up a tad since last week but the water is still near minimum due to the cold weather we’ve had.

  The work on the dam is moving along quickly and we’re still hoping for the work to be near completion by the 15th.

  Mother Nature can bring that lake up FAST so lets everybody hope for some good warm weather.

  South Fork Bishop Creek:

  Even with the high flows, anglers are doing very well in the creek and some quality fish are being weighed in here at the resort.

  Crowds are very light so there is plenty of room along the bank to wet a line.

  Nightcrawlers, mini-jigs and Thomas Buoyants are all working well. Another stocking of Alpers Trophy fish are due this week. This program is underfunded this season so we encourage fans of the Bishop Creek drainage to chip in and support them.

  Donations can be submitted online at

  North Lake: If we can stack up some decent weather, the road to North Lake should open very soon. Anglers making the hike up there are still tearing it up on fish to 18″ using just about anything you want to throw.

  Middle Fork Bishop Creek: The bite on the middle fork was excellent this week. Even though we had only a handful of folks staying in camp this week, our guests managed to catch 8 Alpers from 2 lbs to 4lbs 2 oz in the creek between Lake Sabrina and Sabrina Campground. Pretty impressive stringers.

  Weir Pond: I hate to be repetitive but I suppose when its a good report, it’s ok right? The Weir pond is still fishing excellent for both spin and fly anglers.

  Jigs, Midges, Nymphs, Woolly Buggers, Kastmasters and Thomas Buoyants are all working great.

  Biggest fish out of the Weir this week was 3 lbs 6 oz by Mike Lear from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., caught on a black Woolly Bugger.

  Intake II: I only heard two reports from the Intake this week, both groups reported slow fishing. Hopefully a dose of Alpers and DFG fish this coming week will get the bite going over there.


  Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) reports:?

  The reservoir has been excellent this past week.

  The shore anglers are doing ok down near the dam either throwing lures or bait but the boat anglers are smacking them pretty hard!

  Trolling and bait fishing have been the best.

  Trollers are using small spoons like excel lures, Needlefish and Thomas Buoyants and the bait anglers are using crawlers, Power Bait and Gulp Eggs. Lots and lots of fish in the 2 to 4 pound range with a couple weighing in at nearly 6 pounds.


  Kent of The Trout Fly and Troutfitter (760-934-2517) reports:

  Water Conditions: Water temps in the mid 50’s.

  Fishing Conditions: Nymphing is improving, getting reports of some huge hatches.

  But streamer folks are doing better near the dam and marina.

  Warming weather this weekend should kick everything up a notch.


  Brian Roccucci of Big Daddy’s Guide Service (539-283-4103) reports:

  Bucks Lake Fishing Report June 6, 2011

  It is hard to believe we are looking at early June with as much snow as there is around the shores of Bucks. Access to the lake provided thanks to the Plumas County Road Department was just about on schedule with the road being cleared by Mothers Day weekend.

  The ramp at Lakeshore Resort was knocked open and we were ready to go, but the lake wasn’t. Most of the water on the lake was clear and free of ice, however the Bucks Creek arm of the lake including the area of Lakeshore’s ramp and marina were still blanketed with a stubborn sheet of ice and snow.

  It took nearly a week for that ice flow to clear and the season was on.

  Right out of the gate we were landing some nice Mackinaw up to the 18 pound range. Steve Graham of Sacramento took a commanding lead of the 2011 Big Mack Challenge with a 22 pound 9 ounce fish that put up a spectacular battle. Several fish in the days that followed looked as if they might push that mark but fell just short.

  Another week went by and the pounds of Mackinaw caught and released continued to grow when Hanns Balkowitsch of Roseville locked on to what would turn out to be the new and current leaded of the 2011 Big Mack Challenge a 25 pound 11 ounce 44 inch Monster!

  In non Mackinaw related news the bite for Browns and Bows is going off in a big way. On most of the trips the focus has been for the big Macks but occasionally I will also run what I call the “Meat Rod” which is just a light rod rigged usually in the top 12 feet for a mix of Browns, Bows and Kokanee. The “Meat Rod” will usually provide a little action to pass the time in between the big fish hook-ups not exactly a concentrated effort to catch the other species of the lake.

  I have run several trips in the last few days where the lake’s trout population was our target and we found hot action and bows and browns to 18 inches with a few 3 to 4 pound Mackinaw in the mix as well.

  When I say the action was hot I mean double and triple hook-ups and 30 plus fish days. We did manage to catch fish on a variety of tackle including Needlefish, and Dick Nites but the best producing rigs were Cripplures in silver UV and gold and orange covered in Pro-Cure and fished 12 to 20 feet off the Cannon Downriggers.

  The most productive areas were in the Bucks and Mill Creek Arms.

  I will work on getting some pictures up soon.


  John Voss of the Caples Lake Resort (209-258-8888) reports:

  With the cold temperatures the lake has only risen 3″ in the last week, usually 3″ to 6″ per day rise at this time of summer?

  At 49.5 feet lake level and 15,000 acre feet, the lake level is 12 feet below full -62 feet lake level ( READ DEPTH) and 22,000 acre feet.

  EID reports about 40,000 acre feet of water content still up in the snow pack. So the lake will fill late and be full late into the fall.

  The trout will certainly be ravenous when the lake does finally thaw toward the end of June. BE PREPARED!

  Caples Lake Resort will plan to open lodging and the store on June 9th.

  The store will move up to the lodge this spring and boat rentals will also be from the lodge this summer.


  Boat Launchers should plan to use the new EID / USFS boat launch 1/2 mile away across the dam, WITH A 10$ LAUNCH FEE and 100$ CAPLES, SILVER AND JENKINS LAKE SEASON FEE.

  The restaurant is planned to be reopened after BEING CLOSED FOR 9 years in July and August for lunch and late afternoon munchies and beverages and the spectacular view from ?the deck.

  Silver Lake is also not thawed and probably weeks away.

  Caples Lake usually thaws about 2 weeks after Silver Lake-so we’ll keep you informed of the thaws.

  Bear River Resort reported a 20lb Mackinaw and many 6 to 8 pound German Browns caught


  East Carson River: Still high and muddy.

  Contains rainbow trout stocked by the California Department of Fish and Game, plus rainbows and browns stocked by Alpine County.

  West Carson River: Still high and muddy.

  Contains rainbow trout stocked by the California Department of Fish and Game, plus rainbows and browns stocked by Alpine County.


  The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( HYPERLINK “” reports:

  A few bass have been showing up, but no trout due to the pike infestation.

  Pike fishing has also been poor.

  There are few if any trout left in the lake also due to the pike infestation.


  Jen Heintzelman of Convict Lake Resort (800-992-2260) reports:

  Catch of the Week: Mason Dittmar from Fountain Valley, CA brings in two rather large trout one 2 lb. 4 oz. and the other 2 lb. 6oz. caught on sherbet Power Bait near the inlet.?Daw William from Orange County catches a tagged fish during Hangman’s Bonus Derby Weekend wins $50 in cash and this weeks Booyah Flipstah casting game by YUM!

  ?Weather: Daytime highs this week will be in the 50’s and moving into the 60’s next weekend.? Lows in the 30’s all week.?

  Showers are possible on Monday, the rest of the week sunny.?

  Feel free to call us for a real-time weather report.?Here is a local site that is usually quite accurate

  Tactics/Bait: Power Bait and nightcrawlers are still the most productive baits.?The inlet and South shore are the most productive locations.

  Other locations to try fishing are the creek, jetty, hangman’s tree, near the outlet and the North Shore.? ?Here is a list of other baits that are good to try: Rapala, Trout Teasers, Midges, Panther Martin, Thomas Buoyants, Green Woolly Bugger, White Mini Jig and Garlic Power Bait.

  Trolling with downriggers 3-6 colors or 20-50 feet is a depth range to try.? ?Stocking:

  DFG stocked this week.

  Convict Lake stocked 100 lbs of Alper’s Rainbow this week as well.?Sunrise – Sunset:

  Sunrise this week 5:34 am – 5:33 am and Sunset 8:10 pm – 8:13 pm.?Derby News:

  There has been a $500 fish caught this weekend in the Hangman’s Bonus Derby by Anthony Madrid from Azusa, Calif.?

  We have extended Round-up at the Lake fishing derby to June 16th.?

  174 entries and 69 fish entered into the drawing for $6,000 in resort prizes. ?


  Kent of The Trout Fly and Troutfitter (760-934-2517) reports:

  Water Conditions: Temps in the mid 50’s as of 6/3.

  Fishing Conditions: Now’s a great time to try out that Slide-A-Cator!

  Fish at Pelican Point in about 16-18ft of water.

  Fishing picks up after 11 am.

  Fish being caught at Sandy in about 14ft of water.

  Six Bays and Leighton Spring starting to show some fish.

  Nice Callibaetis Hatch at Little Hilton.


  Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service reports:

  The nicer weather?we?expected never developed. The winds continued and rain?started on Saturday. We were able to hook a few fish at Sandy Point during one short calm session. Stevie’s Wonder gray or Stevie’s M-80.


  Jim and Jeanne of the J & J Grizzly Store (530-832-0270) reports:

  Lake Conditions:?The Lake is fluctuating between 88 percent and 90 percent full

  The road around the lake and all fishing access points are clear of snow.

  Water temp has dropped and is between 48 and 53 degrees depending on where you are on the lake.

  Trolling:?Wee Dick Nite Copper Red Heads,?Sockeye Slammer # 2 Fire Tiger;?Needlefish Red Dot Frog, Metallic Perch, or Fire Tiger; and Rainbow Runner in Red. Have all been doing well. Be prepared to change lures, one will be hot and then all of a sudden won’t work.

  Bank Fishing:?Nightcrawlers or Power Bait in Orange, Rainbow, or Chartreuse.

  Fly Fishing:? There have been reports of Mayfly hatches, no reports yet of Damsel hatches. Blood Midge pupa, bead head flash back Pheasant Tail, Jay Fair Wiggle Tail in Burnt Orange, Rust, or Olive; and Woolly Buggers? are all doing well. Limits plus are being caught.


  The Truckee River Outfitters (775-853-7368) (

  The reports over the past week have been very good. One of the best parts of the reports is that the fish are looking really healthy and are in great shape. This is great news after what we went through last year.

  Blood Midges are hatching mid morning and emergers are working until the wind kicks up. After that fishing Blood Midge Pupa under an indicator in 7-9 feet of water can be awesome. There is also a Callabaetis hatch as well. Best way to find fish quickly at Davis is to look for the swallows working the bugs near the surface of the lake. If you find working bird’s you will find the fish. This could be a really good year to fish Davis Lake.


  Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) reports:

  Opening weekend was cold, windy and snow showers passed through.?

  The heavy winds blew a lot of folks off the lake but Monday morning the lake had a few hours of flat calm water which once the sun was on the water for a couple hours the bite died off & folks were working for a limit.?The wind had no mercy and came up suddenly right on time at 10 AM until Saturday and Sunday the following weekend.

  The worst thing people have had to battle besides the wind is the wet.?Once the rain came in Saturday June 4 in the afternoon, it drizzled most of Sunday and winds were relatively mild most of the early part of the day.?But, showers are expected to continue thru Monday June 6th.?Then it begins looking up mid week when our chance of showers drops from 90 to 100 percent to 20 percent.?

  But, they may still have to deal with the wind even if our chance for showers is low and partly sunny skies mean just that.

  Water temps are holding in the low to mid 50’s but it doesn’t take long? to heat up a couple degrees in the shallow north basins when the sun is out longer than it is tucked behind the clouds. But all in all the water temps are holding as long as the storm patterns keep passing through.

  Most fish in the south basin are being caught in the upper 10 ft of the water column, in specific a lot are found at 8 ft deep in nearly any depth of water.?

  The trout remain scattered on the west side all the way up to Pelican Pt.?

  The triangle formed by Merrill Campground, the Circus Grounds and Wildcat Pt have produced fish but they are a lot more scattered now than they were last week.?

  A few are being found along the east side but it has been hit and miss.

  In the shallow northern basins bait fisherman using nightcrawlers with Eagle Claw brand garlic gravy under slip bobbers in 4 to 9 feet of water are catching nice limits in the first two hours of fishing.

  After Tuesday the 31st, trollers are working hard for limits and if you miss that first couple hours it has been a little tougher fishing and fighting the wind can become an issue.?

  Since our skies have been mostly cloudy (except for a few hours here and there) and the northern basins stirred up by the wind folks trolling nightcrawlers loaded with garlic gravy 12 to 14 inches behind ultra light two tone flashers (these folks are running in 8 to 10 ft of water & cleaning some weeds off periodically), Needlefish with yellow, chartreuse and florescent orange on them.?

  Sure Catch double jointed large Red Dog (florescent orange) and florescent orange Rainbow Runners have still been catching the most fish for that method of fishing.

  The water off the tip of the point off the north end of the Spalding Airstrip to the tip of Pelican Pt thru Delta Bay has been offering up the most action.? Both sides of Pelican Pt are providing action for not only bait anglers and trollers but fly fishing as well. Rocky Pt has seen a few fish caught but most seem to be being caught out in the bay.?

  Halfmoon Bay off Pine Creek still has a few fish lingering where the fresh water is still flowing into the lake.?Even these fish are moving around day to day, you just have to find them.

  There is a lot of moss beds in the west corner which should be holding Damsel and dragon fly larva as the tules are still mostly out of the water when it comes to the cover the fly larva needs.?

  Stones Landing and the north basin have some fish between the resort and the castle on Buck Pt.?The Wall off Big Troxel provided a little action but it has been spotty. The Youth Camp has a few fish but it isn’t loaded with trout just yet even though a few have been caught.?

  Generally once the water temperatures in the northern basins rises to the low to mid 60’s the YC/Biology Station begin holding large numbers of fish before they migrate to their summer haunts later in the season.?

  — Courtesy of Val Aubrey


  Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) reports:

  Water conditions are great. Insect hatches are fabulous!

  We are just about to get into some warmer weather, so expect a progressively successive change in the quality of the fishing on Fall River.

  The past two days have provided some good fishing on Fall River and we are looking at better weather in the coming days and weeks.

  The rainbows are here, the insect hatches are here.

  No river compares when it comes to casting dry flies to rising rainbow trout.

  If that’s your thing, then book a trip right now. A day on Fall River will go like this: PMD’s put the fish on the surface around 11:00 AM. The dry fly fishing can be fantastic through 3:30 PM or whenever the wind comes up. Wind is good since it produces the best conditions for fishing subsurface with nymphs, wets and streamers.

  As soon as the weather is warmer for a couple days, the Hex hatch will commence and the evenings will find Fall River populated with gulping, thrashing rainbows chasing silver dollar sized mayflies and anglers intently standing in their boats, rods at the ready, flies in the dark, twilight cast to the multitudes of rising fish.

  — Courtesy of The Fly Shop


  Wiggin’s Trading Post at Chilcoot (530-993-4683) reports:

  This past week a man from Monterey, California caught a 3 pound, 22 inch rainbow trout, using nightcrawlers and marshmallows, bank fishing at the dam. A couple of fishermen caught their limit using nightcrawlers and? a bobber (2 feet depth), today, on the west side of the lake before Lunker’s Point. They did have to hike down the right hand side of the road.

  Trolling has been good around Lunker’s Point.?Using Dick Nites, Kastmaster, and Wordens (black, green, red).


  The Truckee River Outfitters (775-853-7368) (

  The reports at Frenchman’s are pretty similar to that of Davis Lake.

  Fish are being caught in a variety of ways.

  Use any of the above Davis Lake methods along with fishing snail patterns with a sink tip line in 6-10 feet of water and stripping leaches, buggers and Sheep Creek Specials with an intermediate line as well.


  Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) reports:

  Hat Creek has been fishing great!

  The Green Drake hatches have been unreal. And the Salmon Flies have yet to come off. Warm weather is in the forecast for the next few days and that will put those salmon flies on the move.

  Hat Creek is in the top three rivers to fly fish. Not known for huge numbers of rainbows brought to hand,?Hat Creek?has produced top quality fishing in recent weeks.

  Sometimes Hat can be crowded, especially since some of the other streams like the?McCloud,?Upper Sac,?Pit River are less than ideal for angling with a fly rod. Come to Hat! Bring your dry fly box and go hunting for rising fish! Anglers should expect hatches of pale morning duns, green drakes, mahoganies, blue wing olives, Baetis, Caddis.

  Bring a fly box including Mercer’s Missing Link # 16, Last Chance Cripple Green Drake # 12, Pseudo Mays # 18, Micro Mays # 16-18, Rubberlegs # 6-8.? We are really looking forward to the salmon fly hatches on Hat Creek that start after warmer days in late May. Bring the Salmon Fly dry flies.?

  — Courtesy of The Fly Shop


  Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) reports:

  Water flow at 44 CFS. The flow has dropped a bit. Fishing is good. Nymph fish with FB Pheasant Tails, gray WD-40’s, Caddis larva and?olive scuds.


  Kent of The Trout Fly and Troutfitter (760-934-2517) reports:

  Water Conditions: Good. Flows have decreased with the colder weather to about 65 CFS but water is still clear as of 6/3.

  Fishing Conditions: Excellent starting around 9am

  Midge and Baetis hatches happening in the late morning and mid-day. Caddis around mid day and afternoons.


  Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) reports:

  Grant – Gull – June – Silver Lakes and Rush Creek:

  Rush Creek flow is 171 CFS. The water is down a bit but fishing is still on the slow side.

  Basic nymph patterns like Pheasant Tails, Hares Ears and Prince Nymphs. ?


  Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) reports:

  Kirman seems to be a little hit and miss lately, we’ve had some good reports and some that were not so good.

  There’s been some nice Cutts up to 4 pounds being caught and some of the brookies have been up to almost 5 pounds.

  Streamers that have been working include seal buggers and stillwater Nymphs and a few anglers have done well with lures like Panther Martins and Thomas Buoyants.


  Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) reports:

  Flows continue to be high at 3,010 CFS;?tough conditions for now.

  Better reports will come in as flows drop and salmon show up.

  Expect the fishing to pick up in October.

  Anglers can easily fish it from a boat, however, launching at Iron Gate will put you at Klamathon bridge within a couple hours. At these flows, if your guide isn’t constantly pulling hard on the oars, the boat will be at interstate 5 by lunch time! All this will change by the end of the month. All the snow we have has to melt!

  Not the best conditions for our old friend the?Klamath River.?Sub 2,000 cfs releases out of Iron Gate dam are best. All the recent rain and snow has made this river, which is usually a solid bet at this time of year, not such a solid bet. Wait for June and hope flows come down.

  — Courtesy of The Fly Shop


  The Truckee River Outfitters (775-853-7368) (

  Snowpack is big this year. The road in will not be accessible until early June. The fishing after that should be great. No pressure on the fish at all this year. Great year to go to Lassen Meadows Ranch.


  Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) reports:

  The carpenter ant hatch will happen this month after we get a week or more of sunny weather. It’s a sporadic hatch, typically occurring late morning through 2 p.m. These flies fall to the surface of the lake triggering aggressive takes by 18″ rainbows! Good water conditions, fishing great! Windy, unsettled conditions have been the character trait this spring, so at times, Lewiston can be too windy to fish. It’s been really cold up here! Sunny or cloudy, this lake, which is really a “spring creek” in how it’s fished, is worth it.

  Look for cruising rainbows eating Callibaetis duns and emergers along the edges of?Lewiston Lake. Suspending tiny Midges and scuds, stripping Woolly Buggers and retrieving leeches has produced rainbows from 12-24″.

  Sometimes brown trout!

  Use a full sinking type 7 line for fast, speedy retrieves, like Woolly Buggers.

  Cast to the shallow bank and stripped back through progressively deeper water.?RIO’s Auqua Lux Intermediate Sink Fly Line?is a great all around line for slow or fast retrieves on Lewiston. Insect hatches of Callibaetis are frequent during the month of June. Finding fish on the surface happens. Fishing has improved as water clarity has improved. Funny how the fishing improves as the weather gets better.

  A knowledgable guide is key to getting the results on Lewiston.

  — Courtesy of The Fly Shop


  Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) reports:

  George Lake – Mary Lake – Mamie Lake – Twin Lakes:

  Some open water at Lower Twin?Lakes. Water temps still very cold.

  Not recommended right now?


  Kent of The Trout Fly and Troutfitter (760-934-2517) reports:

  George Lake – Mary Lake – Mamie Lake – Twin Lakes: Twin Lakes is now iced out, and ready to fish, but the water is very cold. Road to upper lakes may open soon.


  Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) reports:

  Upper Owens River: Water flow 88 CFS.?The section above the Benton Crossing is still under special regulations. Fishing there is slow. Some Caddis activity.

  DFG will begin?stocking? next week.

  Not many spawning fish moving up from Crowley.

  Lower Owens River: Water flow 396 CFS. Still too high to fish.?


  Kent of The Trout Fly and Troutfitter (760-934-2517) reports:

  Upper Owens River: Water Conditions:

  As of 6/3 flows are at 84 CFS above the Hot Creek confluence. Clear and Cold.

  Fishing Conditions: Fair to Good. Water is still cold, but the flows have dropped just a bit with recent colder weather delaying any runoff.

  Nymphing is going to produce better results than dries right now.

  Owens River Gorge Water conditions: Great. Flow: 45 CFS. This is a permanent flow required to be maintained by LADWP. Water is clear and cold.

  Fishing Conditions: Excellent. No stinging nettles yet and fishing has been great.

  Good place to beat the crowds.

  Take water along as it is hot these days.

  Lower Owens River Water Conditions: Flows are still raging at 397 CFS as of 6/3. Wading not recommended.

  Watch out for crumbling bank.

  Fishing Conditions: Fair to poor. Midges in the morning, Caddis/PMDs in the afternoon.

  Tougher fishing, but keep moving for those 14″ to 20″ fish.

  Try to find area’s of slower moving water, and stay subsurface until the flows subside.


  Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) reports:

  The Pit is fishing fair. The?Pit River below Lake Britton remains high and brown. Higher than normal water releases are preventing the truly good reports this river is famous for at this time of year from coming in.

  Looking forward to late June or July when snow run-off has tapered and water color gets better.

  That said more and more anglers are finding fish on the Pit by fishing where river conditions permit, fishing deep with lots of split shot. # 6 Pats Brown Rubber Legs is the best fly.

  Try a San Juan Worm!

  In spite of the tougher conditions, anglers are still getting out on the rivers and fishing, making for a decent report here and there.

  We are looking forward to mid June before we can hope for any really good reports from the Pit River.

  — Courtesy of The Fly Shop


  The Truckee River Outfitters (775-853-7368)

  June 6th, The water temps are up in the high 50’s now. Unsettled weather over the past 3 weeks has kept the water from rising to its normal June temps.

  There have been some awesome days and some slow days mixed in.

  This has been one of the toughest years to predict and give accurate reports for Pyramid. The water is coming up fast in conjunction with the run-off coming down the Truckee River.

  The significance of the water coming up is it is virtually impossible to wade out to the ledges on certain beaches. The Water is simply over the top of your waders. Beaches affected include the Nets, Pelican, Windless, South Beach and Warrior Point etc.

  The fish should be in shallow enough to fish the flats that will be 4-5 feet deep where we normally would wade through to get to the deeper drop-offs. Unless we get some really big wind storms to change the bottom it will be interesting to see how June plays out.

  Fish are being caught on Maholo Nymphs and Midges in sizes 10-12 fished under an indicator or floater no-cater style. Stripping beetles and Woolly’s with shooting heads.

  The best days remain to be windy days with or without cloud cover.

  High water on most of our local rivers has kept Pyramid worth doing for sure. Mornings and evenings have been the most productive.

  The Lake closes to Trout fishing on June 30th.


  Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) reports:

  River flows are 20,000 cfs, dropping to 12,750 by June 9th.

  Water conditions are great! Just the right amount of visibility.?

  Results will vary just like the flows at this time of year.

  Now, keep in mind, a fair day on the Sac is another’s great day.

  Results and opinions are going to be as diverse as Elvis’ wardrobe.

  Sunnier, warmer, drier weather is in store for the?Lower Sacramento, reorganizing the way it fishes.

  Almost daily, rousing hatches of Pale Morning Duns (PMDs) occur unabated throughout the afternoon and into early evening.

  Ironically, fishermen have been reporting the better fishing is where they find the fewest bugs coming off the water.They have been on the lookout for surface feeding activity, but it’s not happening like it should.

  As the flows fluctuate, the rainbows are forced to move preventing a settled, predictable surface feeding habit.

  Warmer weather over the next few days should trigger hatches of Hydro Psyche Caddis that should encourage better fishing into the early evening hours. Best flies lately have been Zack’s Pseudo May, Hogans # 16 Olive S&M, # 14 GB Birds Nest. Mercer’s GB Poxyback Dark Stone has worked pretty well over the past week.

  Courtesy of The Fly Shop.


  Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) reports:

  Expect higher than normal flows on the Upper Sacramento.?

  Fishing can be good. The anglers who fish the edges of the river, near the bank, those seams between really fast water and slower water can find a few really nice rainbows.

  The situation here on the Upper Sacramento is just like the situation over the hill, on the?McCloud River. Go fish Pat’s Rubber Legs, #12 GB Bird’s Nests, #16 Brown Micro Mayflies.

  Look at the water up near Dunsmuir for best wading conditions, and they are not exactly the best. Jeepers, this is a crazy spring. What in the wide world of sports is going on with the weather! Anyway, the fly list on the right has more than enough flies to fish on the Upper Sac. Those rainbows on the Upper Sac are looking up to the surface in select spots like they have done for hundreds of years at this time of year.

  — Courtesy of The Fly Shop


  Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) reports:

  Road closed.


  Contains rainbow trout stocked by the California Department of Fish and Game, plus rainbows and browns stocked by Alpine County.


  Doug Busey of Douglas County reports: People were fishing in some open water by the dam.


  Gene St. Denis of Blue Ribbons Charters (530-544-6552) reports:

  North Shore: We’ve been getting limits of Mackinaw (Lake) Trout (2-15 pounds).

  We have been trolling at The Tavern Hole, Cal Neva Point, Dollar Point and Sugar Pine Point, 110-220 feet deep, with either Dodgers and minnows or Dodgers and large Trophy Stick lures.


  Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) reports:

  The Lake is now at 94 percent capacity.


  Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) reports:

  The Trinity River is flowing at 2,500 CFS. That is a very high flow considering we find the best overall fishing on this river when flows are well below 2,000 CFS. Flows are reported to come down to 2000 CFS by June 13th. We will find favorable flows for wade fishing by August.

  Until then, there is no reason why an angler in a drift boat or raft couldn’t enjoy a day floating and fishing where slow, conveyer belt speed water is found. As for the fish, well, we are in between the steelhead runs of the late winter and too early for the King Salmon that show up in at the end of June (give us a call if you are looking for a Salmon Guide 800-669-3474).

  The Fly Fishing Only Section, above the Old Bridge located in Lewiston, CA. on the Trinity River is open, but fishing is tough.

  Limited wading options exist at 3,040 CFS, not to mention the dangers of wading in these conditions. Swift water sustains the real possibility of being swept downstream and drowning.

  For now, the Trinity River is offering a great river rafting experience!

  — Courtesy of The Fly Shop


  The Truckee River Outfitters (775-853-7368)

  June 6th, Rain and snow has set in over the past couple of days.

  The river was slowly coming down and even fishable from Tahoe City to Boca Bridge just before the rain started.

  It is getting higher by the minute over the past 24 hours. The Truckee is only coming out of Lake Tahoe at 73 CFS. By the time it gets to Truckee it is 573 CFS. There are lots of small creeks coming into the river all through the system. The river is up over 2000 CFS from Boca Bridge through Reno.

  It will be a few days until we see how long the river is affected.

  It is supposed to be 80 degrees in Reno by the end of the week.

  There is still plenty of snow in the mountains so hang in there and let’s see what happens.

  Here are the current flows as of June 1st. (Safe fishable flows in parenthesis).

  Town of Truckee 573 CFS (100-350)

  Boca Bridge 2050 CFS (anything below 650)

  Farad 2350 CFS (400-600)

  Mogul 2040 CFS (300-500)

  Reno 2250 CFS (350-500).


  The Truckee River Outfitters (775-853-7368)

  Flows are 503 CFS. It is high and out of the banks.

  There have been a few local anglers that know the Little Truckee pretty well that are catching fish even with the high flows.

  If you are thinking about giving it a try you have to fish it more like a big river now. Fish the seams and edges out of the main current. Make sure to use enough weight to get your flies down and if you are Nymphing with an indicator, use one big enough to hold up the extra weight.

  Do not try to cross and stay out of the main current. It is running hard and can be dangerous to those who don’t know it very well.

  Stampede is nearing capacity and the Little Truckee should be running high for a while.


  Annett’s Mono Village (760- 932-7071) reports:

  Upper Twin Lake: Winner of the Memorial Day Derby was Karen Tysor from Fallbrook, California with a 3-pound rainbow caught on purple Power Bait.

  Catch of this week was a 3-pound, 9-ounce rainbow by Lindel Smith of Corona, California, using rainbow Power Bait.

  Fish and Game is planting every week, and our hand-fed trout in our private ponds should be ready to be put into the lake for the Fourth of July weekend.


  Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) reports:

  Upper Twin Lake – Lower Twin Lake – Robinson Creek:

  The Twins have been fishing pretty good from boats and from shore.

  The boat folks have done well trolling small Rapalas and spoons and the shore anglers are doing well with inflated crawlers and Power Bait.


  Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) reports:

  The ice in the V-Lakes is still about 20 inches thick and there’s still been a few anglers ice fishing and doing pretty well. Crawlers have been good as well as jigging Kastmasters or other spoons off the bottom.


  The Nevada Department of Wildlife reports:

  No fish have been reported or seen at Walker Lake so far this fishing season.


  The Truckee River Outfitters (775-853-7368) (

  East Walker River: Flows are at 230 CFS on the California Side and 267 CFS on the Nevada side, totally fishable. At these flows the river usually fishes really well. The water is high enough to fish the edges and seems out of the fast water and not spook too many fish. It is also low enough to cross in certain spots if you are a strong wader.

  If you go down to the East Walker approach the spots you are going to fish slowly and fish the edges first. Most of the fish will be in the transition area out of the main current in 2 to 3 feet of water.

  It is easy to walk right out where the fish are holding and fish past them.

  Most of the best reports including a couple of guide trips we have done in the past week are using a golden Stone nymph with a Baetis or Midge dropper and catching some nice fish.

  We have plenty of availability in the weeks to come on the East Walker.


  Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) reports:

  East Walker – West Walker – Sceirine Ranch – Hunewill Pond:

  East Walker River: The East is running at 225 CFS today and it’s been fishing very well this past week. There’s been some good streamer action with all the overcast weather and thunderstorms we’ve been having lately.

  Zuddlers, Buggers, double bunnies, JJ Specials and Hornbergs have all been working. The Nymphing has also been good with flashback emergers, WD-40’s, Zebra Midges, silver streaks, disco Midges and some Caddis patterns like Fox’s Poopah, La Fontaines sparkle pupa, Z-Wing Caddis and BH swimming Caddis.

  Most fish are running in the 14 to 18 inch range, but there’s been a good amount of 20+ inchers as well.

  The Rosachi is also fishing well on the Nevada side, all the same streamers as the Cali side are good choices and for Nymphs you can go with Copper Johns, San Juans, Birds Nests, Princes and PT’s.

  West Walker River: The West has come down quite a bit this week due to the colder weather and has been fishing pretty well.

  Spinners seem to be the best like Panther Martins, Mepps and Roostertails.

  Sceirine Ranch: The ranch has been fishing really well this past week, streamers like double bunnies, Zonkers and Zuddlers have been good and for Nymphs you can go with Birds Nests, flashback emergers, Zebra Midges and GT emergers.

  Hunewill Pond: Haven’t had anyone on the pond yet, will post report as soon as we have one!


  Kent of The Trout Fly and Troutfitter (760-934-2517) reports:

  East Walker River Water Conditions:?Flows at 248 as of 6/3. Some discoloration but still good fishing.

  Fishing Conditions: Good. Overcast and Snow is great for BWO hatches. For some reason, they seem to love awful weather! Streamers on the swing is still producing.


  Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) reports:

  East Walker River: Water flow 230 CFS. Water flow dropped a bit this last week.

  Nymph fish with gray or black Midge pupa,WD-40’s and? Prince Nymphs. ?


  The Tioga Pass Highway (California S.R. 120) to Yosemite (from the east side) is still closed. Tioga Pass has an elevation of 9,943 feet, making it the highest automobile pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


  Photo No. 1: Mason Dittmar of Fountain Valley, California with a 2-pound, 4-ounce rainbow and a 2-pound, 6-ounce rainbow, both caught on Power Bait near the inlet at Convict Lake, California.

  Photo courtesy of the Convict Lake Resort

  Photo No. 2: Tim Carnahan of Rancho Mirage, California with a pair of Alpers from the Middle Fork Bishop Creek. One fish weighed in at 2 lbs and the other weighed in at 3 lbs 4 oz – both caught on mini-jigs on 6-1-11.

  Photo courtesy of Jared Smith of Parcher’s Resort