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[Re Zero Anime Planet]Collection 丨 Textbook Grammar Planet Primary Grammatical Textbook Introduction


  Course Introduction

  Object: 10-13 years old

  Category: Primary Grammatical Textbook

  Outline: A total of 3 levels (Level1-3)

  Version: American

  CEFR Level: A1-A1 +

  Grammar Planet is a set of three-level grammar series.It is designed to help learners get a solid foundation of basic and high-frequency syntax structure.This series uses a spiral course.Looking back at the past experience, combined with new, more complex structures,Consolidate and expand learners’ grammatical knowledge,And encourage its steady development.


  course features

  Popular and understandable courses help learners clear understanding of the rules.

  The meaningful context framework introduces the key grammar rules,Other cultures are expanded at the same time.

  Colorful illustrations and photos attracted and retain learners’ attention.

  The learner-centric interesting activities allow learners to contact new language structure.And encourage them to properly apply them.

  Frequent review part ensures that learners recall and reuse them have learned,Thus continuous assessment of their progress.

  The exercise book is clear and interesting,Easy to consolidate school,Very good review and practice,Enhance the confidence of children to learn.


  Course content

  Look and learn.

  The simple and clear grammatical chart showed the basic sentence patterns of the teaching list.


  Look and choose.

  Short conversation applies target syntax structure to attract students’ attention,When the target syntax may be used,Illstrations will give students a visual image of a scene.


  Look Write,And match.

  Simple activity,Such as circular, pair, fill in the blanks,Make the student learn how to accurately use the key grammar of each unit.


  Circle and Write.

  More complex activities can deepen the understanding of the grammar introduced in the previous page simple practice.


  Find,Circle,And Write.Then Speak.

  an interesting,The learner-centric activity allows students to use the grammatic points they have learned for oral or writing.


  Language station

  In order to end this unit,Students have answered simple questions with their grammar they learned in this unit and the first two units.


  Electronic resources

  Student Book, Answer Key, Teacher’s GUID, Unit Test, Lesson Plan, Classroom Ppt, PictureCard


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