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[Grand Hotel Mania – Hotel Adventure Game]Free PC Games from the Epic Store


  “The ultimate celebration of the past and the future. An all-new adventure filled with unique bosses, 2D landscapes, and fun classic games. Sonic Mania brings a fast-paced platformer into the future with pixel-perfect 2D graphics at 60 frames per second.”

  Finally, Horizon Chase Turbo is a racing game inspired by classics like Out Run from SEGA.

  It simulates the classic arcade game and gives you unlimited speed limits for fun. Horizon Chase Turbo offers a nostalgic split multiplayer mode to play all night on the couch with your best friends.

  Horizon Chase Turbo Inspired by the past without leaving the present, the apparent polygon shape and secondary color aesthetic create a unique atmosphere.

  “In the Horizon Chase Turbo, you drive through unusual places, watch the sunset, deal with rain, snow, volcanic ash and even severe sandstorms.”