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[Antonio Brown on Madden 21]Micro-Transplanting Medicine New Technology | Interview with Antonio Graziano


– Interview Professor Italy Antonio Graziano


With DR. Antonio has gone in a predecessor in South Korea,The encounter and exchanges of many international medical conferences each year have laid a deep friendship.This smart regenerative medical expert,He is born in the doctor’s family,At the age of 17, I published the first scientific journal paper,He is not just a physician,It is also a doctor in the field of biotechnology.During the study, Antonio Graziano founded Rigenra HBW with Riccardo d’Aquino.An innovative field medical equipment company mainly based on renewable medical technology.

Graziano Antonio MD: Renewable Medical Expert,It is also the practicker of medicine.

DR. Antonio understands the clinical needs,At the same time, I also know the idea and ideas of laboratory R & D.From the small follow-up physician parents observe in the hospital,Plus the enthusiasm for academic research,Effective links between laboratory and clinical distances and gaps,This new technology of RiGenera makes him a real practitioner of Translation Medicine.

(World Indicators Medical Association never absence Rigenra HBW)

Repair is not equal to regeneration (regenerative ≠ repair)

DR. Antonio said,Many people mistakenly think that regenerative medicine is repair,This is not a correct concept.In the process of regenerative medical development,The growth factor, the outer body, etc. are the intermediate products found in stem cell studies.These ingredients can be controlled relatively safely in the action of the cell for the human body.It is mainly to carry out tissue repair functions.

Regeneration-Regenerative This word is “Creative Again!”It is to create the meaning of re-creation.It is still different from the repair itself.Some applications in tissue projects such as blood vessel regeneration, cartilage regeneration, etc., is more close to the regenerative medical itself.

(RiGenera? Patented microsurgeon surgical instrument)

Rigenra?The referred to the aid of a patented microglore surgery instrument.Settlement of autologous and effective functional ingredients such as SVF, ECM, progenitor cells, etc.Reprically through the injection method in the desired part,Create a unique microenvironment,The purpose of regeneration is achieved with a concept similar to STEM NICHE.The current application uses the haiishing technology that uses skin microglore.To reach the product, In addition,There is also a micro-transplant surgical instrument applied to liposuction.The functional ingredients are settled to perform related applications such as degradation arthritis and other anti-aging courses.

Micrografing microscopy: Make activation organizations more easy to operate

The correct organizational structure plays a pivotal role in the human body.For example, the harmony of bone tissue is critical to the coordination of the entire body.however,Many factors may change the physiological functions of the organization itself – such as degenerative arthritis.therefore,Organization regeneration faces a huge challenge in the field of physicians,Scientists have been looking for a new way to promote this process.

One of the mainstreams of cell therapy is to replace damaged tissues using the unique biological characteristics of MSC (interstitial stem cells).To keep the organizational origin,Or regenerate the treatment by stimulating the organization itself.But this way needs to have many complex cumbersome steps and huge costs.It makes the clinical application of many types of cell therapies currently.

(DR. DR. Antonio often serves as a special speaker in the field of regenerative medical fields)

Rigenra? The invention can provide a rapid and effective method for the regeneration of the human tissue.This technology is converted into a medical device.Through this equipment, the patient’s own tissue is slightly placed.Thus, the cells (progenitor cells) (progenitor cells) in the regeneration process are screened.These cells exhibit MSC markers and can play powerful regeneration potential,This technology has confirmed the regeneration and repair of micro-plants in tissue in clinical studies in dental, dermatology, orthopedics, and wound repair.Based on the above results,Microplate has gradually been accepted as a ring of regenerative medicine.

Dr.Antonio tells “New Fortune”,The crisis caused by COVID-19 will enable the global economy to face limitations.At the same time, people will force people to avoid hospitalization.In response to regenerative medicine is widely used in the level of wound management,Rigenra?You can provide a quick and easy way at this time.Treatment needs to be treated with more practical and reasonable charges.In this case,Rigenra?Micro-transplantation technology represents innovative tools for physicians,They have the ability to stimulate tissue repair when interacting with injured parts.Further, the purpose of treatment is achieved.

Author: Yang Yuan Ting / (“New American Finance” columnist)

From: Taipei

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