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[Hitman 3 PC Price]PlayStation 5 official disclosure: the first one, the first party is escorted


Beijing time is four in the morning today,PlayStation official through the form of live broadcast,The first event for the protagonist is PS5,The activities mainly showcase many games that will be logged in to the PS5.And officially announced the appearance and new hardware of the PS5 host, official accessories lineup.

The PS5 host as a pressing axis is naturally the highest focus on this activity.Sony specially got a longer turn before it was revealed.The lens is then moved slowly from the center of the host –

The last light is on,The true capacity of PS5 is finally present in front of the world.

Positive close-up close-up,Panel with power button, disc launch key, a USB-C and a USB TYPE-A port.

There are already many users who have selected all digital purchases, playing methods.For this part of users,Sony also follows Microsoft in PS5.The new PS5 without CD-ROM drive is launched.In my personal opinion,The fuselage curve without the CD-ROM version PS5 is symmetrical.It looks more beautiful.

Sony launched a complete set of official peripherals for PS5.Both unified design styles.

These include headphones, remote controls, cameras, handles, and handle bases.

This set of design is to start applying from PlayStation VR,The top generation of the host will carry forward,Enter the entire line of PlayStation.In my personal opinion,The design of the PS5 host model is more won than Xbox Series X,However, this large number of streamlined design styles also make many people feel ugly.

of course,Although the appearance of the host is a pressure axis,But the game lineup beforewards is also quite good.The new first game has “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”, “GT Racing 7”, “Riqi and Jinkage: Rift Apart”, “The Soul of Devil”, “Skyline II: Western Growth”and many more,Third-party games released this time have “Project Athia” from Square Enix,”Hitman 3″, “Resident Evil 8”, etc.The main price of the host did not announce in this conference.