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[goku day]Bandai Celebrates Goku Day With Three Special Goku Figures


  Bandai is celebrating “Goku Day” with special Goku figures that portray the popular Dragonball character in three different states.

  The three toys are part of a small collection called “Dragon Ball Super Earth-raised Saiyan,” but you won’t be able to just simply purchase them. To get your hands on one, Dragonball fans and collectors will need to play a Japanese crane game called “Torumo,” where customers need to skillfully grab a virtual figure on their PCs or Smartphones to get one. Besides the figure that depicts his normal state, the other two portray Goku in Super Saiyan One and Super Saiyan Blue.

  Bandai’s new Goku figures will be available on “Goku Day,” May 9 on Bandai’s website — prices have yet to be announced.

  For Goku fans: here’s a look at S.H. Figuarts’ depiction of Goku’s bottomless stomach with a restaurant-themed figure.

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