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[YAHTZEE With Buddies Dice Game]Scopely partners with the NFL on New Yahtzee With Buddies | Pocket | PGbiz


  The Walking Dead: Road to Survival developer Scopely has partnered with the NFL on an event for its word game New Yahtzee With Buddies.

  The partnership introduces new timed events which tie-in with NFL events such as the Pro Bowl, leading up to the 2018 Super Bowl. New dice will be unlockable from these events, along with Dice Masters from each of the teams, and new custom profile photo frames.

  New Yahtzee With Buddies has so far seen over 1.5 million downloads since launching in September 2017. Players have played over 195 million games and rolled their dice over eight billion times.

  The perfect partner

  ”New Yahtzee With Buddies unites millions of players around the world in live game challenges. With the Super Bowl ahead, the NFL has been the perfect partner to offer fans a new level of fun and flare as the playoffs heat up,” said Tim O’Brien, Chief Revenue Officer, Scopely.

  ”We’ve expanded on the social elements of New Yahtzee With Buddies, hosting in-game challenges that change depending on the outcome of key NFL playoff games and catering to the passionate NFL fanbase with exclusive team collectibles.”

  Back in October 2017, it was reported that Scopely was looking to expand with a new studio in Barcelona. The new office was reportedly going to hire up to 60 new staff.