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[Storybook Brawl]Storybook Brawl Is A New CCG Auto-battler With A Twisted Fairy Tale Theme


  If you like Hearthstone‘s Duels mode but are wanting to try something different, then a new free-to-play CCG auto-battler might be just what you’re looking for. Storybook Brawl is currently in early access on Steam, and it looks to offer all the standard elements for its type of game: eight-player battles, 30 heroes to choose from, each with their own abilities, 100 minions to recruit, treasure, spells, and so forth.

  What sets it apart is its theme. Storybook Brawl has all the usual mythic characters you might expect from its title, but they’re … different. For instance, you can do battle as the “evil vampire, Snow Wight” or the “good Princess Peep and her battle hardened sheep.” In the videos and screenshots, you can also catch glimpses of Cinder-ella — clearly a pyromaniac — and Sad Dracula. Hey, I watched the Castlevania series on Netflix, and he’s definitely depressed throughout that entire show.

  Developer Good Luck Games expects Storybook Brawl to stay in early access until sometime in 2022, with updates and new heroes and cards throughout. Other features in the works include full voice acting, group lobbies, card frames, game boards, and more. Supporter bundles will be offered at some point during early access, likely offering various cosmetics that will be exclusively available before launch.

  You can learn more about Storybrook Brawl on its Steam page and website.