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[RIDE 4 RELEASE DATE]Qualcomm Meng Mu: 5G Cross from this


  IT Times reporter Wang Wei

  At the end of each year,The China Automotive Engineering Society will participate in the “Director” in Shanghai, “Director”, participated in the Chinese auto industry chain.This event called “New Four Cross” is designed to pass the cross-mode group, cross-end, cross-all car, judepament certification platform, and map positioning.To verify the results of the honeycomb car network (C-V2X) 5G network on the road standardization road .

  ”In the past few years,Qualcomm is one of the main participants of this conference annually.”Mensus, chairman of Qualcomm China, said,More than 100 participating in the manufacturer last year,Most demonstrations that the vehicle and the vehicle unit use high-pass C-V2X solution.”This is the” new four cross “of the car to the intelligent network.At the same time, Qualcomm is “5G cross” facing the field.

  recently,Meng Mu accepts media interviews including “IT Times”,Qualcomm is driving 5G technology evolution, application expansion, etc., various dimensions, cross,”Over the past few years,Sino-US relations and globalization have faced some challenges.But Qualcomm is willing to increase investment in China.Willing to innovate with China’s partners.”


  Mensus, Chairman of Qualcomm China

  ”5G era,China’s development process and 3G, 4G era are very different.”Meng Pu said,In the 5G era,China has achieved 5G with global market.

  Data Display,my country has built 81.90,000 5G base station,5G mobile phone terminal user connection has exceeded 2.800 million.In the current 5G development in China,Guide industry technology evolution and new features are very important.It is reported that,Promote technology upgrade to the 5G latest version of the 5G for 2020 Release 16,It is one of the key works in the IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group in the second half of this year.The next generation of Release 17 standards are expected to freeze in 2022.

  ”Mmmy wave is an indispensable technology for better 5G application experience.”Meng Mu will illustrate this view in the application example of Korea Pingchang Winter Olympics 4 years ago.Although 5G has not been commercially used,However, the Winter Olympics organizing committee conducted 5G millimeter wave technology demonstration based on 800MHz millimeter bandwidth.The peak decrease rate reached 20Gbps.”From my personal point of perspective,I hope to see the 5G millimeter wave rate demonstrated at the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

  5G mm wave has been commercially available in many countries and regions.Meng Mu believes that the industry should not have technical concerns about millimeters.”US telecom operator Verizon deployed 5G millimeters in more than 20 large sports venues in the United States.Verizon users are not in the event site,You can also use your mobile phone in your home from 5 different perspectives to watch the game in the venue.

  Obviously,The footsteps of domestic millimeter wave technology landing applications are not slow.ZTE, China Unicom, Qualcomm and TVU NetWorks jointly announced thatQuartet successfully in the 26GHz band in the laboratory environment,Complete the world’s first 5G millimeter wave 8K video return service demonstration based on big uplink frame structure,Among them, millimeter wave upper peak rate reaches 930Mbps of records.

  this means,5G has the ability to support 4K, 8K-level non-compressed content upload and interaction, whether there is capacity to support 4K, 8K-level non-compressed content.According to IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group 5G millimeter wave test plan,In 2021, millimeter wave upper frame structure will be promoted.Support differentiated application scenarios.Meng Mu disclosed,Domestic cultural departments and operators are promoting 5G + 8K applications.

  In the automotive industry,Qualcomm is not a new player.

  Meng Pu introduced,Qualcomm has been deep in the automotive industry for nearly 20 years.When the car just started to support 3G connection technology,Qualcomm has already put into the automotive industry.”Based on and cooperation with many automakers,Qualcomm found the development trend of intelligent and network linkage in the automotive industry.This is also why Qualcomm tries to acquire NXP a few years ago. “

  Meng Pu said,Qualcomm’s automotive solution covers four key areas – on-board network and C-V2X, digital cockpit, advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) and automatic driving, cloud side terminal management,”Qualcomm and Chinese car manufacturers work very well.China’s main traditional manufacturers and ‘product new forces’ have very many customers. “

  now,The car is still a field of high-pass focus and investment.Data Display,It is currently more than 1 worldwide.500 million cars use Qualcomm Auto Solutions,There have been 20 top car manufacturers who have selected Qualcomm Snapdragon Motor digital cockpit platform.These include Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, Porsche.Industry insiders believe thatQualcomm has a total share of 50% in the digital cockpit market.

  If you look at the incremental market in the automotive area,Meng Mu believes thatThe high-pass Snapdragon Ride platform and the high-pass C-V2X have been driven by the C-V2X.

  recently,Qualcomm and Suzhou Xiangcheng High-speed Railway New City announced a strategic cooperation in the intelligent network of automotive fields.future,Both parties will explore the construction of C-V2X infrastructure,Including urban and road construction planning, intelligent road side equipment testing and deployment,C-V2X and Intelligent Net Test and Terminal Deployment and Automatic Driving Area Cooperation Opportunities.

  In another year, C-V2X massive test activities were held every year in Shanghai.”The previous year is’ four crosses’, last year is’ new four cross.”Meng Pu introduced,In recent years, Qualcomm play an important player’s role in this event.

  As early as January 2018,Qualcomm launched the “5G Pilot Plan” for terminal manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, ZTE, Lenovo, Wentai Technology.The main goal of the plan at the time was to help Chinese mobile phone manufacturers quickly entered the 5G era.Sailing sails and expands overseas markets.

  Today,The increasingly powerful domestic mobile phone will have aimed at the high-end market.Meng Pu introduced,Although market data shows thatThe share of domestic manufacturers in high-end mobile phone markets does not expect advantage.But the average selling price has been steadily rising.

  ”on the one hand,Domestic manufacturers are now paying more attention to the innovation of brand and product design.It is getting better and better in image capabilities, mobile phone design, etc.;Regardless of the domestic market or foreign markets,Consumers may have an accepted and approved process for China’s high-end mobile phones.”Meng Pu said,From the perspective of Qualcomm,I hope that Chinese manufacturers can make the high-end Android mobile phone camps, the greater the domestic market and overseas markets.”In the process of communicating with mobile phone manufacturers,Feeling everyone is still very confident. “

  Shot of Qualcomm Company’s earnings,In addition to smartphones and radio front ends,Internet of Things and cars are two major business sections,After the Internet of Things business, after mobile phone business,Ranking second.Meng Pu said,Qualcomm has been committed to expanding investment in the IoT field.

  ”Intelligent industrial production cannot rely on wired networks.Meng Public said,4G or Wi-Fi’s delay character cannot meet the requirements of industrial production,Wi-Fi technology may also have a security issue,”3GPP Release 16 specification 5G technical support super reliable low-delay communication,Transmission reliability is as high as 99.9999%,Can meet the standards required for industrial production. “

  Meng Mu Example,He once listened to the typical application case of 5G in the US special steel mill, professor Lug Tie, professor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.”When there is no deployment of 5G,Because the temperature is too high,Can’t pull the cable,Unable to enjoy the Internet technology dividends.After deploying 5G,The whole factory has more than 80,000 sensors.Connect to the network through 5G,A full monitoring of the entire production process,Effective protects the quality of the product.This example is well explained,From the perspective of reliability,5G can support the application of industrial environments. “

  ”5G network is very reliable in industrial production environment.Therefore, Qualcomm believes that 5G will have a rich industry application scenario.Meng Mu said.